How to Customize

Adjusting it

Customize your own style with the Customizer. They can customize the layout of your channel so that viewers see what they should see when they get to your page. Émoji Recently Instagram implemented a Nametag function that provides each individual with a scanable piece of code that other individuals can scroll to access their profiles. There are several ways for end-customers to customize their nametag. Stage 1: Touch the Profil icon at the bottom right hand side of the display.

Stage 2: Touch the three horizontally aligned bars in the upper right hand edge of the display.

Stage 3: Touch "Nametag" at the top of the display. There are three ways to customize your Nametag from here. Nametag can have an emotional backdrop, a self-ie backdrop, or a colored one. In order to toggle between these three items, touch the icon at the top of the display that displays "Emoji", "Selfie" or "Color" according to the current session.

If you switch to e-moji modus, the nametag automaticly has an e-moji in the back. When you want to modify it to another e-moji, touch anywhere on the monitor, and then choose an e-moji from the displayed menus. Hint: You can touch the seek toolbar at the top of the page to find an e-moji later.

If you switch to Self-ie status, the Self-ie charges at the centre of the display using an attachment in front of it (e.g. moustache, heartbeat or glasses). Touch the display to modify which accessories are in front of the Self-ie cam. If you are prepared to record a self-ie, touch the record key at the bottom of the display.

As soon as you have taken the self-ie, it appears in the back of the nametag. Touch the display to modify which accessories are in front of the self-ie. When you ever want to take a new self-ie, touch the "Retake" icon in the upper right hand corner of your computer monitor. Touch anywhere on the monitor to adjust the colour of the wallpaper.

Once you have finished adjusting your Nametag, touch the upper right hand side triangle to exit the Nametag display.

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