How to Customize Chrome Theme

Chrome theme customization

Being a web developer, I stare at Chrome's developer tools all day long - especially the Elements and Console tabs. It has an excellent dark theme called DevTools Theme: Perform all the above steps and after clicking Add to Download Google Chrome. You can customize the colors freely, but you can't add links to websites.

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There are 9 ways to customize the new tab in Chrome

The new Chrome tabs are usable, but a little tedious. No matter if you want to look for a beautiful backdrop for your new tabs or just want to build your own personal picture books, adding customized widgets and viewing living information like the rain or updating from your favorite sites, we have a long list of ways to make the new Chrome tabs your own.

Unfortunately, many new registry substitutions do not have the useful "Recently Closed" and "Other Devices" settings that appear at the bottom of Chrome's new Standard registry, so you can re-open previously opened registry pages and open registry pages from other Chrome logged-in device(s). If you want to open a locked folder again without using this option, you can always choose Ctrl+Shift+T.

To get just a new wallpaper, download one of the Google Chrome designs from the Chrome Web Store. Topics can be added to your new tabs with wallpapers, giving them more colour and character. We have already discussed some nice Chrome topics. The majority of new tabs substitutions are packed with choices and colorful web site hyperlinks.

You can customize the colours freely, but you can't link to sites. To see a link to your favourite sites, you can click the bottom right of the new Current tabs icon to open the new default tabs. The Speed Dial 2 uses pictorial markers called "dials", clearly based on Opera's speed dials.

With this add-on, you can make many different faces that act as large miniature view markers and even divide your miniature views into different groups. Optionally, you can choose to open a side bar where you can search all your Chrome Bookmarks, open recently locked tabbed pages, and start Chrome Web applications you have in use. One of the best things about this new register card substitution is that it gives you great big favorites for any website.

It' much simpler to build large, eye-catching 2 speed-dial bookmarks than to build and deploy your own Chrome web applications by hand, which is what you have to do with the new standard tabs. These new tabs replace the Google Now look that comes standard with Android 4.1 and later and is available for Apple's iPhone OS.

Now Google is soon to come to Chrome, but in the meantime you can replace this new tabs. It doesn't really work like Google Now or display the same information. Instead, it imitates the Google Now user experience and provides an simple way to search for languages, view current wheather and messages, and provide links to your web applications in use.

" Brings you the latest information from Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive and more. As with other new tabs, you can also access recently viewed Web pages and favorites here. The Awesome New Tab Page is probably the most adaptable new tab substitute.

Looks similar to Microsoft's Windows 8-like user experience, formerly known as Metro. Allows you to easily attach applications, favorites and even interact with them. You will find, for example, a watch widget fitted by standard. Or you can deploy a wide range of other widgets, as well as those that show meteorological, Gmail, Twitter, or RSS contents directly on your new tabs.

The fantastic new tabs feel only loose inspiration from Windows 8, but the new MetroTab feel like an effort to copy the Windows 8 home page to Chrome as close as possible. The new MetroTab displays your currently deployed applications and last viewed pages. You can even have some applications show information in the shape of livestones directly on your new tabs, just as livestones work on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Once this add-on is installed, your new tabs will always be empty - no more applications, favorites, or recently visited sites that overload your web browsers. When you like the default new Chrome File Card, but want it to contain large symbols for your favourite web sites, there is a way to get it. Simply browse our Chrome Web Application Creation Guideline.

Those web applications become large keyboard shortcuts on your new tabs, giving you instant access to sites that don't have Chrome web applications. Have you got a preferred new TabStrip page substitution for Chrome?

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