How to Customize Google Chrome Theme

To customize Google Chrome theme

" bottom", "no repeat" and "normal size"; if you want, you can customize these options as follows:. There are links to starter graphics and a good indication of what can be changed. Adjust the new tab page. Customizing Google Chrome with Topics So if you're getting sick of hearing the minimalistic look of Chrome, here's some good stuff for you: At last, Google has started a theme album for Chrome, with which you can jazz things up with a few mouse clicks.

What's more, it's a great way to get your Chrome to be a part of your website. Currently the Galerie has 29 different designs for your web browsers - even if you are counting the standard setting.

The only thing you need to do is make sure you run Chrome 3 beta, go to the galleries, select the theme you like best, and click the'Apply theme' icon. The Chrome program starts to download the corresponding files and immediately applies them to the port. When you like the results, keep it; if you don't, just select a different theme or return to the standard theme from the top panel that pops up after each theme is installed.

When it comes to selecting topics, I have contradictory feelings: on the one side, it's great that Google has at last succeeded in creating some skin that makes it possible to customize its web browsers; on the other side, I've had trouble selecting one. They are definitely not the nicest topics I've ever seen - not to say most are even nasty - and some of them make the web browsing even more difficult due to a bizarre color scheme or backdrop theme.

Anyway, I think you should look at some of the topics in the galleries after the leap and make your own decisions.

What can I do to modify my Google Chrome theme?

My preference is Google Chrome over the regular Safari Browsers on my Mac OSX system, but I'm tired of the usual look and feel. Could I modify the topic? There is a whole universe of theme building and hundred of different Google Chrome theme that are actually available so that you are in good form. Go to "Settings" and slightly down until you find "Appearance":

And if you've somehow modified your design, you can simply click on "Reset to Standard Design" to return to the dull old greyscales as shown in this thumbnail. Click on - surprising to get a new topic! - Get topics. You will be redirected to the Google Play Store. They' quite awesome, especially the Ecko theme, but just scrolling down, look and see what else is in the galery.

As soon as you have found a topic you like, it will look like this: Move the mouse pointer over the tiles and a pushbutton will appear: Just click on it and it will be downloaded - quite quickly! It'?s sometimes difficult to see the changes. However, things look different all of a sudden: In particular, you are comparing the tab pages with those of the standard gray theme.

When you look carefully, you will also see that there is an updated version of the progress line just below the addressbar, where you can click "Undo" to reverse your opinion: However, before you choose to support this particular topic, always open a new tabs to see what the empty display looks like.

Here many theme creators seem to fulfil their main task and can be spectacular: Much, much more interesting than an empty picture, yes? There' so many good ones, I just gamble around and make them pretty moody!

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