How to Delete Squarespace site

Deleting Squarespace Site

Help with Squarespace 5 - Delete your website and its contents Squarespace5 How does it work with removed and elapsed contents? If you unsubscribe, you can delete your website. In this manual you will learn how to delete a website and what happens when you delete contents from squares. How does it work with removed and elapsed contents? You can delete your contents in several ways.

Prior to deleting your contents from Squarespace, we suggest that you take a look at what happens to your removed contents.

Removing a website will mark its contents for final removal. You can only delete locations that have elapsed or been canceled. Here's what happens to your contents after you delete your whole website: The website is not available for users. Their website and contents will be flagged for final removal. More than 30 workingdays may elapse before we delete the page from our system forever.

It is not possible to login to make changes. If you delete selected contents from a web site, such as a page: Users can no longer find or see the contents. Removed contents will be moved to a trash, where they will be available for about three workingdays, if you want to restore them.

It may take more than three and a half working days to delete an item from our system. If you delete a page, a "Page not found" error appears when the visitor visits the page via the weblink. In order to delete a website with a chargeable plan, first unsubscribe. Prior to removing your website, you can upload or download your contents.

When your website has a Squarespaceomain, it cannot be removed until you delete or commit theomains. When your Web site is associated with a third-party Web site address, separate the address before you delete your Web site. In order to flag your website for cancellation, terminate your user name. At the end of the actual invoicing period, the location is canceled.

In order to delete the website immediately, first terminate the site and then delete the site from your site. If you delete a parent email address, all sub-accounts will also be removed. When your website has elapsed or is overdue, or when you have canceled it yourself, you may be able to activate it again. In order to recover a website that you have removed by following these instructions, please feel free to email us.

Unless your contents are erased forever, we may be able to recover them for you based on how long it has been since you erased your site. To reactivate an existing user you must select a new Squarespace 5 subscription; it is not possible to revert to an old subscription.

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