How to Download a Wordpress Theme from a website

Downloading a Wordpress Theme from a Web Site

Copy your WordPress page directly from your WordPress dashboard (no login to cPanel or FTP client required). You can download your entire WordPress website (including your database and files) into a zip file within minutes. Manually install or update a WordPress theme using FTP. You can download a free design such as Customizr or Hueman from if you use it.

Cloning a WordPress website, even if you are an absolute beginner.

Eventually, while using WordPress, you will probably come across a point where you need to cluster a WordPress Web site. Maybe you need a secure enviroment to test new functionality, or maybe you plan to move your site to a new hosting. Questions will then... how do you make sure that the clamping procedure runs smoothly?

In order to do this, we use a free plug-in named Duplicator. It allows you to make fully functional photocopies of your WordPress Web site and deploy them to any Web Server that has WordPress support. Since the Duplicator makes it so simple to cluster a WordPress site, it's the ideal choice for building your own hosting site, modifying your domains, or even moving your site to a new hosting.

We' ll go a little bit further into the reason why you want to klone a WordPress site in this paper. Then we will show you how to do it in four easy digits with Duplicator. Let's turn on the automatic chlorinator! Let us first discuss what the concept of clustering means in this connection.

Your website is cloned differently from the backup. Kloning creates a fully functional copy of your website that is hosted in a particular place, while backing up your website creates a "dormant" copy of your website data that can be saved anywhere for storage. Kloning your WordPress page can prove useful in several ways, including:

If you need a hosting website: Running important update tests on your website in real time is a high-risk deal, and with a web site clamp you can make sure all changes run seamlessly before you update your site. When you want to modify web host, you can take your WordPress site and configure it exactly as it was before on a new one.

To proceed with the first stage, you must open an affiliate with another web hosting company or build a community where you can host your website' virtual world. Don't yet setup WordPress there - we'll take together the problem during the clamping part.

First of all you need to have the Duplicator plug-in installed and activated on your initial website. Then go to your Dashboard and look for the new Duplicator tabs. Then click and select the Make New option: Duplicator packages consist of a couple of separate executables that allow you to build a website on a new web site with a separate installationer.

With the plug-in you can build as many of these bundles as you want. Duplicator will inform you at this point if there are any problems with your preferences. It' normally that one or two warnings appear here, dependent on your webhost and the site you' re visiting.

Proceed with the building procedure! at the bottom of the page and then click Build: Once the download is complete, you will be able to download the two above files: Just download them to your computer like any other data and write down where they are stored - we'll need them right away.

Next is uploading the two data sets you uploaded to your new servers. You must use FTP to login to your new site using the login information you received when you logged on to the appropriate web host: copy both sets of information to your server's home folder - usually either www or public_html - and then continue with the next one.

Each WordPress Web site needs an appropriate repository to hold its information, and your WordPress web site cluster is no different. At this stage, we will create an empty data base containing your clustered website to prepare for stage four. This way we can use the Duplicator Installation tool to bring the content of the base of your initial website into your new one.

When using a normal web hosting, you will find several different data base settings in your cPanel. As soon as you are inside, search for the section to build a new one. Choose a name (preferably something related to your website) and validate your selection by pressing the Generate DB button: Go to the Added Users to Data Base item, find the newly added users and choose your new data base from the drop-down menu:

Store now the name of your data base and the information of your users - you will need it in one minutes. Well, since both are on your main web site, use your web browsers to connect to your new web site and append /installer.php to your web site address, as in the example below: As a result, you can retrieve the installation executable you download during #1 and start the clustering procedure.

Duplicator will inform you at this point if there are any issues with your data and ask you for an acknowledgement that you wish to continue. Once you click Next, it will take Duplicator a while to extract your data. Once this is done, you will be prompted to input the detail for your new data base.

When you are done, click Next and the plug-in will automatically merge your old data into your new database: Duplicator will then ask you to verify the address, install location and name of your "new" website. In order to complete the process, the setup program prompts you to upgrade your permission link tree, test if your website is working properly, and remove both the setup program and the archives.

Click each of the icons it displays in order and let Duplicator do the work for you: You' ve learnt how to klont a WordPress website! Kloning your WordPress page may seem like a big job, but it's really nothing to be afraid of.

Whilst there are a few additional stages, there are no unsurmountable hurdles and Duplicator makes most of the operation as easy as just pressing a few keys. Just keep in mind - that's all you need to klone a WordPress website with Duplicator: Make a copy of your website and download it.

Upgrade the copy of your website to your new webhost. Create a website cluster data base. Execute the duplicator installation program and complete the clustering procedure. If you have a question about duplicating a WordPress website, please contact us.

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