How to Edit Chrome Theme

Editing a Chrome Theme

On the My Chrome Theme icon, click. It is not possible to edit a current design. However, if you prefer to add a small visual bling, you can change Chrome's default design.

Get to know Google Chrome

shows you how Chrome works and how to make the most of it. There are many different web browser that you can use to browse the web: Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and more. Today's most beloved web navigator, however, comes from the kind people at Google.

Not only is Google Chrome the most widely used web browsing application on the web, it's also the quickest and most flexible. As all other web browers, Google Chrome is free for everyone to use. In order to have Chrome downloaded to your computer, go to and click on the Google Chrome Downloads link. Google Chrome is similar in many ways to all other web browers available today.

Chrome user interfaces are similar to those of IE and other advanced web browser, including tabbed pages for various web pages. In addition to these shared features, Chrome looks slightly different from other browser types, especially older ones like IE. Chrome is a little slimmer than the other browser, without a menubar, searchbar or statusbar.

Essentially, Chrome puts the browser's shop out of your way so that you can give more thought to the website itself. It' called the Omnibox by Google, and you can also use it to type in your query. As you begin entering the Omnibox, Google will suggest both probable requests and web pages that you are likely to return to.

In addition there is the speed: Chrome is a much quicker web navigator than its rivals. Much of this is due to Chrome's reduced user experience, but more to the advanced JavaScript engines that run the browsers. The Chrome engines, called the " Files " and " V8 engines, are engineered to enhance the power of advanced apps - just like the web-based apps that Google offers to its million of people.

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