How to Edit Godaddy website

Editing the Godaddy website

To edit any web page in your web browser Websites are read-only, but did you know that it is possible to edit the contents of a website directly in your web navigator? Here's a step-by-step guide on how to edit the contents of any Web page using Development Tool. I have used Chromes, but development utilities are available in all web browsers, Firefox and Safari included.

In Chrome, open any webpage and browse to the text on the webpage you want to edit. Right click on the text you want to check and from the context menus right -click Check Items. Development utilities are opened in the lower half of your web browsers and the corresponding DOM item is chosen.

Select the desired knot by double-clicking it and it switches to edit modus. Substitute another sentence for the text you select and click outside the Chrome Dev Tools pane to accept the changes. Chrome Inspect Tool technology is useful for making a few fast changes, but if you make a series of changes on a web page, there is a better one.

Navigate to your browsers submenu, go to Tools, and then click Developer Tools from the drop-down list. The Dev Tools opens and switches to the Console page. Notice that the editing of web pages is temporarily and the changes will be deleted when you exit the webpage.

Possibilities to edit/work on the website on a Godaddy website without Website builder?: websitedev

Yes, GoDaddy's Website builder is too expensive. However, their hosted expenses are not poor in most cases. Suppose your website is a small commercial site of one kind, you can probably use their ecomony/basic web site to host it. It will probably charge you about $12 per year for your host and about $10 per year for your domains.

While some are free, many of the good ones are costing cash. In the past, I used a webpage maker to create my pages. While some may say that Webpage Maker is a little outdated, for fundamental pages it is really simple. There is a one-time charge of $50 for the softwares, but I like it because it's really simple to use.

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