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Editing Squares

Help with Squarespace 5 - Add and edit contents Squarespace5 After you have registered on your website, four edit modus symbols appear in the top right corner. You can use the Structure and Contents sessions to edit and append contents to your website. Structure modus lets you insert pages and side bar widgets, change the order of navigational link, and move side bar widets within the side bar.

You can edit the contents of your pages and side bar widgets using Contents View. Notice: To find out how to customize the look of your website, please go to Website Design. Each page's link can be displayed in the page browser to help your site visitor browse through your site. In Structure mode, you can browse and select a page types to make a new page for your website.

Then, switch to Contents mode to customize and append the contents of the page. Adding a broadget allows you to include certain kinds of contents in your pagebars, such as a logon request, find bars, or text blocks. If your Sidebar is empty, click Insert New Section in Structure view in order to insert an empty section.

Switch to structure state. Please click on Add page to the right of your browser. Your page will be displayed in the menu bar. If you want to rearrange the order of the navigational hyperlinks, click and drag. Click and drop to rearrange the order of the navigational hyperlinks. Move your mouse over the hyperlink in the menu and click Activate to make the page public. In order to adapt the page configuration in the near term, move the mouse over the page hyperlink in the menu and click on Configuration.

Tip: If you don't want your page's hyperlink to appear in the top menu, instead include the page in a side bar or hiding area in the Architecture section of your website. Allows you to edit or append contents to your page in Structure mode: At the top right, click Contents. Little editing icons appear above areas with editing-contents.

Select the area you want to customize by clicking the appropriate icon. On an HTML page, for example, click Edit Page. WYSIWYG editors open to create or customize the contents. How to insert a Widget to a section of your side bar in Structure mode: When you click Join, a window will appear to the right of your side bar area.

Choose a Widget. In the New widget config screen, type an inner name. There may be extra config boxes available based on the type of Widget you choose. Once you have completed configuring your Widgets, click Create Widgets. Move your mouse over the broadget and click Activate to make it public. In order to change the preferences of the Widgets in the near term, move the mouse over the Widgets and click on Set up.

Tip: If your website doesn't have side bars, see Edit side bars to see how to insert one. Allows you to customize or modify the contents of your widgets: At the top right, click Contents. Little edit pushbuttons appear above areas with edited contents. Press the Edit Widget pushbutton. WYSIWYG editors open to create or customize the contents.

Please note: Not all Widgets have editedables.

To customize the text, click Edit Website Footer in tree view state. Most of the processing in Squarespace 5 is done in pop-ups, the editor tools named simply and simply named simply WYSIWYG. Allows you to change text and other contents in your website's web pages without using HTML and to see changes in styles as you make them.

Usually, Web browsers contain a contents box and reformatting choices similar to what you would see in Microsoft Office and other word processors. Here, for example, is the write HTML page for an HTML page. You can use the control elements in the upper right hand corners to reformat the text and other contents. Here is the big screen editing tool for your blogs.

You can use the symbols in the upper right hand corner to see what kind of blogs posts you are in. Use the drop-down list at the top right to go directly to HTML processing. Customize the page contents in the Page Builder. Please note: Squarespace 5 does not allow the creation of complicated layout such as column or wrap text with floating pictures.

When you are interested in more demanding page layout, consider moving to Squarespace 7. In Structure Select menu, you can clear pages and Widgets. Move the mouse over the page or wideget, then click Clear and confirm. In order to move a page or a widget from the Navigate or Navigate without removing it, move it to a section that is not displayed on your website.

Preview mode: Unchecked navigational hyperlinks, pages, and widgets continue to be displayed, but are not seen by the general audience. With Squarespace 7's easy-to-use user Interface, you can move your contents drag-and-drop to create your own page layout or create pre-formatted special pages. They can also directly attach pictures and other contents to the page.

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