How to Edit Templates in Wordpress

Editing templates in Wordpress

At least one custom page template file exists in the folder of your active theme. When you change your design, the page templates do not appear in your previously activated design. You''ll see a screen for editing a page: Page templates are not a default option for posts or custom mail types. Post template is used for blog posts, etc., while page template is used for other pages.

You can copy the "single.php" file from your original Optimizer theme to the child files.

Changing a Postal Document in Wordpress

If you look at the optimizer page on WordPress, it seems to indicate that you can adjust the pattern to full width, which looks like you' re going to remove the side bar in this case. Sure you want to edit the mail and not the page style? It is used for postings on blogs, etc., while the page style is used for other pages.

Do you want to delete the side bar from ALL or only one of your contributions? Rip the single.php from your initial optimizing topic to the subordinate files. In " singles. phi " you find the source which begins with "

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