How to Edit Wix website

Editing the Wix website

As soon as your website is ready, publish it by clicking on Publish in the upper right corner. They have full control over the access of contributors. Use caution when making your choice because Wix does not allow you to change your template after you have made your selection.

First Steps with the Wix Editor | Help Center

Wix Editor is the place where you create and edit your website. provides utilities for modifying and adding items to your website. Simply click and drop the desired page items and adjust them. Provides extra preferences and editors for your website. The Save, Preview, and Publish button is located in the upper right corner of the editor.

Note that any changes you save will not appear on your website until you click Submit. Forecast: Preview: To see what your website looks like in action, click previews. Publishing: When you are finished publishing your website, click Publishing in the top right hand corner. Click Publishing when you are finished. In order to achieve best performance and full editor control, we suggest that you keep your web browsers zoomed to 100%.

Embed films on your Wix website - Help & Learning Center

You have to use the default Wix editors, i.e. you can no longer edit your website with Wix ADI (Artificial Design Interface). 4. verify that you are using the Wix ADI Editor: if you see the following headline with a centred "Wix" icon at the top of your page, use ADI.

Otherwise, if the Wix logo is at the top leftside, use the defaultditor. Proceed to 2 below to mount your film. When using the Wix ADI, click the Site pull-down menus, and then click Go to Editor: Click "Go to Editor" again to go to the editing screen.

That'?s it, move on to cue two! Stage 2: Build a section of HTML code. From the side panel, browse to the page on which you want to place your film. Locate the + symbol at the top right of the screen to insert an item. More from the drop-down list. You' ll see a wideget above named "HTML Code" - just pull it to the position on your page where you want your film to appear.

Be sure to use the "Automatic" item and choose from the other adjustment items. At the top of the screen, click "Copy to Clipboard" to get the code. Return to your Wix-editor. Choose the HTML code you just added and click on "Enter code" in the upper right corner.

What can I do to get video embedded on my website?

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