How to Edit your Wordpress website

Editing your Wordpress website

Instructions on how to edit current content: Sign in to your WordPress website. When you edit a post: Modify an existing page WordPress Training You can either browse down and find your page, or type a search word for your page in the Search Pages field at the top right of your computer window. To open your page for edit, click on its name. The URL is the reference to another picture on another website. The media library stores all pictures used on your WordPress page.

If you select the Medienbibliothek under the Upload/Paste hyperlink, you will then see the content of your Medienbibliothek (left image). Browse through the lists or use the search function. As soon as you have found the desired device, click on the Show links. This allows you to specify or modify characteristics for the track such as title, label, URL address, orientation, and size (right image).

When your preferences are defined, click the Insert to Post pushbutton to have the items appear on the page. When you click an image or other medium on a page, you get two choices that appear, an Edit Button and a Move Buttons. Click the right mouse click Entfernen and the material will be removed from the page (it is still in the library).

You use these icons to associate text on your page with another page on your Web site, another Web site, or even a specific page in a text file. In order to create a shortcut, select the text you want to shortcut and click on the shortcut that looks like a shortcut. Complete the form in the box and click Submit Link.

Click the arrows next to "Or click on links to already created content" to extend the choice when you want to change the WordPress page. You can then either search or browse down and choose the appropriate page, post or news. To finish the download click Finish adding a shortcut. Instead, if you need to make a shortcut to something in your library, use the Upload/Paste buttons directly above the icon bar.

Apart from finding out what you want to say and what pictures and other medias you want to embed on your site, you also need to keep in minds how your site should blend into the overall concept of your website. Let's discuss a few page attributes that will help you place your page in the proper contexts of your website.

Adult - This box is important because it will help you tell WordPress where this page should appear compared to other pages on your site. Normally, this also determines where the page appears in your menu (although there are some other extended ways to use this as well).

When you want your page to appear on the "top level" of your menus (immediately viewable when someone is visiting a page without moving a mouse or hovering over a particular location), the "No parent" box should appear. To make this page part of another large section of your website and appear as a child of that section, click the drop-down arrows and select the page that launches that large section.

Ordering - This tattoo just says to WordPress in which order the pages should be placed on the same layer as the page to be processed. When you are opening this page ("Editing an existing page"), you will probably see a text box highlighted in blue at the top of the page informing you that someone else is working on this page.

WordPress is ideal for working together on a website (or blog), but everything works much better when only one individual is editing a particular page at a stretch. WordPress 3, you will see a message in color that warns you that the page is currently being processed.

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