How to find a Wordpress Theme

Finding a Wordpress topic

Now click on the search link (without filling out anything). Did you ever stumble across a dreamy website and become curious about what topic they could use? Fortunately, there are great resources that will help you find the WordPress theme and plugins that a website uses, and you will have another tool that will help you create your dream page.

Find WordPress topics quickly and simply

When you use WordPress, chances are good that you have begun to explore the miracles that are WordPress topics. Choosing the right WordPress theme can make your blogs popular, and while it won't affect or destroy your blogs, it could give you the inspirations to keep going and create a great website. It is sometimes not simple to find the right WordPress theme.

Many WordPress topics exist, but the impeccable theme can sometimes seem like a pin in a Haystack. In order to help you find what you are looking for, we have compiled the following WordPress search guidelines. We have all said our contribution about the state of WordPress topics in the free dot org folder at one point or another.

Whilst the theme design of the theme list is not always first class, there are a few gemstones to be found. The way you scroll through the list of topics depends on you. From the Appearance > Topics > Install monitor, you can navigate topics directly from your WordPress dashboard. You can use this display to find specific types of topics.

When you want to surf a little more relaxed, I suggest you to visit the WordPress Topics direct. Find out about the most common topics, scroll by day, or simply scroll through the most recently added topics. Business themed stores are loved for good reason: Humans enjoy good work. On the whole, the overall level of excellence achieved by our theme design and development professionals is first class.

It won't work every single fucking day, but hey: When was the last chance to check out your favourite theme store's collections? The theme market places are also noteworthy here. What distinguishes them from what I call stores is that they provide topics from many different writers and not just a few. There' re not as many market places as there are shops:

Topic forest, mojo topics, wonder topics (if they are public) and theme garden are all market places that have what you are looking for. What stores are your favorites and which ones would you suggest others spending their searches on? At times, the simplest way to find WordPress topics is to let others do the work for you.

A number of WordPress Blogs out there (including our own, here) take our own times to track down WordPress topics just to collect similar ones in a mailing for others. See other collection in our Best Of section, or go directly to our Best WordPress theme family.

WPLift's Oli Dale has also put together some rather great listings that are easy some of my favourite one. A thing I wouldn't suggest is the simple search for WordPress topic listings on-line. At the end you may find topics that are not serious, secure or valuable.

Have you got your own favourite WordPress resources? Make sure you divide them in the commentaries, especially if you have compiled your own list! When you are looking for a very particular kind of topic, sometimes the standard method of finding does not work. Try a special subject finder instead.

A few years ago we developed Theme Finder to help you with that. You can currently use it to browse topics by colour, page layouts and prices. Currently it contains over 600 high-quality WordPress topics that are added every single months. I' d also suggest visiting ThemeSorter, another similar theme finder that works slightly differently than the Theme Finder.

The QualiThemes is another sound tool that is useful to find topics by keyword retrieval. The Yellow Topics is another theme finder that' s definitely something to try. I hope you are feeling a little better prepared to find WordPress topics than you were before. Have we missed a sound theme asset? Share your own hints on how to find WordPress topics in the commentaries below.

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