How to find Wordpress Theme

Find out how to use Wordpress Theme

The plugins used can then be found in the Plugins folder under WP-Content. This guide will discuss what WordPress topics are and how you can use them to customize your website. This is a brief overview of the templates that make up a WordPress theme and where you can find them, both on your server and on your WordPress dashboard.

Which WordPress theme does a website use?

Immediately you want to know which WordPress theme the respective website uses. Usually, most sites use WordPress as their main WordPress application because it is popular, offers progressive functions and simplicity of use. Now I will be sharing some basic and straightforward hints and utilities that will help you find out which WordPress theme a website is using.

A number of utilities are available that give in-depth information about the topic and even a listing of the plug-ins a website uses. To find out the name of the topic using a Web site, you can display the page's sources. When you are used to FireFox, Chrome Developer Tool and HTML and CSS, displaying your sources will not be hard for you, but if you don't know HTML and CSS, this can be quite bewildering.

Don't be afraid, even if you don't know HTML and CSS and how to display the web page sources. Right-click anywhere on the Web page and choose Show Page Source. Click the right mouse button. You will see a new screen with the complete website sources. Press Ctrl+F to open the search toolbar and enter wp-content/themes.

You' ll see that wp-content/themes are emphasized and right next to it you will see the name of the current theme. The name of our theme is WatanLoveGreen. It is a children theme and the overarching theme is TwentySoxteen. They can also see the CSS link for the superordinate design. You can see that it is not hard at all to see the sources and find the name of the topic.

Found 2 very useful sites that provide in-depth information about plug-ins and topics used by a particular site. All you have to do is enter the website address and these utilities will show you the details. Is this a very useful website to find out WordPress theme or plugins that any website uses?

Not only does it show topic detail, but also the listing of plug-ins. WPThemeisThat? is another good and useful website to find out about plug-ins and themes that every website uses. Also you can see the listing of the plug-in website being used. When a website uses a sub theme, you can also view Details of the sub theme.

Whether the topic is available for free downloading or not. Created by the people at Satori who have been creating WordPress topics for over a dozen years, this free on-line resource is both an elite writer on ThemeForest and one of the most beloved free topics on

It is minimalistic in its layout and displays only the essential information on a topic: name, writer, descriptions and of course a shortcut to the topic page (even if the website scans a highly altered version). That' all you need to do if you want to find out which WordPress theme your favourite website uses?

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