How to get a free website

Getting a free website

Convince yourself how easy it is to create a professional website in less than an hour! You' get all the tools, resources and step-by-step instructions you need to get started right away. Win more customers with a beautiful website. That is VERY for free hosting.

Which are the best free web hostings?

000Webhost, based in the USA, has been offering free web hostings since 2007. His free web site offers 1.5GB of storage, 100GB of monthly network traffic, and five associated e-mail account options. Support for PHP and MySQL is unrestricted and 99% proven uptime as well as scheduled backup times are provided to you.

It is backed by contributions from the user base (nearly 14 million at the creation date) and revenues from the 000Webhost (24hosting) premier hostingkits. Beginning with $2 per months, they will not breach the bench and give clients the opportunity to move to a more complete scheme when the need arises.

FREHOSTIA provides a range of different rates with fancy hostings such as Lovebeat, Wildhoney and Supernatural. Free of charge Chocolate provides 250 megabytes of hard drive storage, 6 GB permonth bandwidth, PHP and MySQL compliance, and 3 POP3/IMAP e-mail account options. 99.9% of server availability is assured and 24/7 customer assistance is provided if issues arise.

Forum based 5GB free communities and customers who need specialist telephone assistance can update to the Pro Edition, which cost $2.95 per months and offer both unrestricted storage and bandwith. Complimentary Web Hosts - No need to buy. Among the free web hosts converted in this issue, is the largest hit in relation to your free bandwith with a massive 250GB of traffic.

There is also 10GB of storage and an e-mail address. Free sub-domains are also available for those without domains, such as http://freesubdomain. Freehosting.......... There are also available Economics and Deluxe bundles, each providing unrestricted storage and transmission per month as well as unrestricted e-mailing. Free Hosting is also one of the few that promotes the use of the free web host to back up your important data (e.g. a 10GB zipped file), great because there is no limitation on the size of the data base.

One of the most trusted and feature-rich free web hosters on the web, says Zymi?. "6 "6 GB storage and 50 GB per month bandwith with latest PHP release and up to three MySQL database supports. Together with the host, it offers free samples, tutorials, articles and a Twitter user interface that provides down-time update information (

1 GB storage, 50 GB per month and MySQL/PHP compliance are available to customers. If you are ever interested in becoming a free web host yourself, Byethost runs a seperate unit, muownfreehost, which allows you to do just that. Awardspace offers a one-stop shop for companies looking for free web surfing services with free login information.

The company provides CO2-neutral hosted services, with all its server systems powered by windpower. The free subscription provides 1 GB of disk space (15 megabytes maximum filesize ), 5 GB of bandwith per months, and up to five MySQL database sites. An associated e-mail address is also provided. User have easy 24/7 technical assistance and on-line help in case of problems.

Remarkably, the Awardspace server is not in the USA, but in Kiel, Germany, and contains more than one million web sites. There is a sophisticated test hosted performance test that allows you to test the transmission performance in a real-time world. NiceHostingEU is a community effort created and operated by Free Domain Name Pro and AttractSoft GmbH.

Yes, the Germans are at the top of free webhosts in Europe. There are three different rates for hosted services - two for a fee and one for free. This free bundle offers 200GB of storage, 4GB of monthly bandwith and an associated e-mail address. There are five free domain names at .http://eu. pn and .http://me. pn as well, but they are unlikely to be useful for most UK companies.

A one-click install is offered for WordPress and Joomla user and the support tongues are PHP, MySQL, CGI, Perl, Flash. U Host Full offers companies looking for a fast and easy to set up host, the opportunity to set up a website within five years within U Host Full http://minutes. Availability is 99% assured, with unrestricted disk capacity and unrestricted monthly network throughput.

E-mail is also contained. The free web site host choices contained in this review are all ad-free, with revenues earned in other ways. No Free Hosted Adscelebrates this more than others, but still provides a good free hosted offer that, with 20GB, is one of the largest presented serving room determinations.

Offer also contains 200 GB per month bandwith and three mail account POPs. It supports three PHP releases (5.2-5. 4) and three MySQL database files are also provided. The free of charge services are, as anticipated, subsidized by the chargeable services. Please be aware, however... "FreeHostingNoAds retains the right to post 1 commercial e-mail every 6 month to advertise our affiliated product.

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