How to get my Weebly site on Google

Where can I get my Weebly page on Google?

Or in other words, do I have to run my website on WordPress to get a good ranking in Google? Website Verification with Search Engines - Weebly Help Center

Checking a website with Google Webmaster Tools gives you instant insight into the website visitability report in your results and makes sure your website is tracked by Google more quickly and regularly. The creation of an affiliate with webmaster tools is not mandatory, but it is an intelligent way to improve the rankings of your site.

The Google Webmaster Tools can be found here: Just click the above hyperlink and then sign in (if you already have a Google Account) or sign up for a Google Account if you don't already have one. Every type of Google Accounts - like a Google Mail or Google Apps e-mail adress - allows you to sign in.

Type the website URL and click Submit Property. When you have your own domainname, type it as (like; the "www" is a necessary part of the submission); when you use a free weeblyubdomain, type it as (like; not "wwww"). And you can come back later and even more websites can be added to this site later.

You' ll need to confirm that you are the right owners because Google does not want a casual individual to be your representative. Please copy the line containing the HTML that Google has made available to you. Well, then keep this page open and go to your Weebly bankroll. Go to Preferences > Preferences > SEO in the editor and insert the line of Google text you just copy into the Header field.

When there is already enough executable text in the headers, place it above or below the headers. Make sure that you store and publicize your website. Once you've done this, go back to Google Webmaster Tools and click the Verify Buttons. When you see an issue, make sure that you have your website posted, give it a few moments, and then try again.

If you click "Next", you will be taken to the Site Dashboard. You should now be submitting your site map by click on the Sitemaps button and then add/test your site map. One way or another, you just need to put sitemap.xml in the Google field and click Send Site Map. The Google Webmaster Tools have many great functions with which you can gamble after the review.

Those functions can help you to see how well your website is rated. The Google website offers a comprehensive FAQ:

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