How to get Themes for your computer

To get designs for your computer

Restart your computer and you can install unsigned designs. You can use the personalization settings to change the background colors and accent, lock the screen, background image, and themes on your PC. Free FC Barcelona theme and wallpapers for PCs - Free.

To install desktop themes on Windows 10

The Windows 10 Creators Update will add themes to the Windows Store so you can easily customise your Desktop with new wallpapers, sound and colour. They are the same kinds of desktops themes that were initially available in Windows 7. Go to Settings > Personalize > Themes to display your existing themes. The " Use a topic " section shows the various topics that you can choose from.

If you click on "More topics in the shop", you will be redirected to a listing of topics in the Store area. There are 174 themes available in the shop to start the Creators Update. You can click on any topic to open its page and see topic detail. Click the "Get" icon on a design page to get the design onto your workstation.

The Windows application will download the design from the shop, where it will appear in the Install Themes window of the Preferences application. Simply choose the topic to use. Topics can have four elements: one or more wallpapers, a colour, a set of sound and a range of pointers. You' ll find in real life that most designs contain a slide show with wallpaper and one colour.

Leaving the sound and pointer alone, select "Windows Standard" for sound and "Windows Aero" for pointer. We can display and adjust these items by selecting the Background, Color, Sound, and Pointer buttons in the Topic Area, and we will go through each of these items in turn.

Click "Background" to adjust your wallpaper. Many designs offer more than one wallpaper and create a slide show. It is possible to change how often your wallpaper changes, or change the slide show to "Shuffle" so that it selects a picture randomly from the slide show each change. You can use the Colour choice to choose which Windows user (s) use Emphasis Colour for different UI items, even in your Start menu and task bar.

To use the highlight colour of your design for your windows headers, you need to browse down the colour display by scrolling down and selecting the Show highlight colour on the following interfaces checkbox. "If you don't, Windows 10 uses the standard blank titles. On the bottom of this display, you can set your standard "App Mode" to switch between the built-in light and darkness themes of Windows 10 for apps.

As soon as you change the design, Microsoft will reactivate the default soundstyle. To adjust these preferences, click on " Advanced Audio ". If you want to turn off the effects on your computer's desktops, click No Effects in the Sound scheme field and click OK. With the " pointer " options you can change a pointer schema or adjust how single pointers look like.

You can, for example, toggle a dark mousepointer to "Windows Black" instead of a blank one, or activate a shade under the mousepointer. When you make a modification, the name of your design changes to "Custom" and you can click the "Save Topic" icon to store it for the time being.

Name the topic and it will be added to your Topic Listing. Then you can return to your customized design with ease, even if you've tried other designs. In order to delete an existing design from the dropdown menu, right-click on it and choose "Delete". Notice that you can't delete the standard themes that Windows 10 contains - only the ones you create or download.

The Windows design is saved in a wallpaper pack that you can easily upload and download and share later. Your design will then appear as an optional item in the Designs section, just like the designs you receive from the store. When you log in with a Microsoft user name, Windows 10 defaults to synchronizing your Windows 10 PC desktops with your Windows 10 PC by automatically synchronizing your design.

Modify your design on one computer and it will be changed on your other computer as well. Configure a new computer in the near term, which will use the design of your choice after registration. You can deactivate this if you do not want your design preferences to be synchronized between your personal computer, e.g. if you want to use different designs on different personal computer.

Go to Preferences > Account > Synchronize your Preferences. and turn Topic to Off. Windows will consider any of these customization preferences that you modify as part of your design for synchronization use. So even if you don't use a new design, simply modify your colour or your wallpaper - changes you make will also sync with other computers in your PC list (provided they also have design synchronization enabled).

Some of the themes in the Windows Store and Settings application differ from the more sophisticated "Visual Styles" you may have noticed before. Third parties' non-Windows viewing style is still not formally endorsed in Windows and still requires the modification of system file installation.

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