How to have your own website for free

Creating your own website for free

Indeed, many universities offer their students free subscriptions to this website. Prior to creating our own website, we should understand what a website is. WorldPress, Tumblr and Blogger all offer free blogs for everyone.

Do not make these 4 freelance website errors

Our on-line visibility (starting with your website) is your number one promotional instrument. If you are receiving your deal from your friend or relatives or just direct recommendations, the prospective customer will always want to review your website first. If you don't have a website yet, you have to get involved with it, last night!

For those of you who already have the website thing under control, now is the right moment to judge whether your website is doing its jobs. Website is not just a matter of portfolios. It is not only about showing examples of your work. Certainly it should not be just an on-line visiting pass to find contacts.

Our website is your number one selling instrument. It is the first experience you give to prospective customers and it is the room where you have the most chance to show them what you can do for them and turn them into buying customers. So, continue reading for the 4 things you should consider when assessing whether your website is doing its work as a selling tool:

Does your website itself host with a per domain name and do you use a CMS like WordPress? When you know what self-hosting means and have already done that, you can jump to #2. Owning a website means that you own your website and everything on it along with the name of the website name.

An externally-hosted website means that someone like Google or Weebly or About. me or owns your website and all the information about it. That kind of website is unbelievably limited in terms of functionality and growing power. In addition, third parties can shut down your site at any time without warning - frightening!

Apart from this unhappy fact, a website that is being hosted on a free site with a top level website like www.yourname.wordpress. com or www.yourname.blogpost. com says your prospective clients only 3 possible things: Do not take your company seriously enough or earn enough cash to reinvest in your own company by having your ownomainname.

Actually this individual is a little behind the time as they are still using free blogsoftware to operate their commercial website. None of this may be true - but it is likely that your prospective client is considering one of these things. Even if they don't, think about these things, otherwise you would already have your ownomainname!

So, the first thing you need to do with Going Professional is make sure you have your highest level website. I' m just discussing the fundamentals of hosted sites and domains. It' s not pricey (and even if it were, it would be the first necessary and important invest in your business) and it's simple to set up, even for non-technology guys.

Make sure you move your website to a self-hosted host or move it to another host and buy youromainname. Do you need a WordPress based CMS? WorldPress is a web site blogs and platforms that you set up on your web site to monitor the pages, the blogs, the designs and everything else of your web site.

It' free to use and it' re really quick to use. WordPress offers a wide range of free and premier topics, which you can use in WordPress to get a pre-built theme without having to employ a web designers. To have great professional functions in WordPress is simply and possible without programming skills.

Make sure that you use and not as your .org is what you will post on your self-hosted website and . com is housed at WordPress. BONUS: Videosutorials to set up your Domainname, host and installation of WordPress and a topic - all part of my free course Websites 101.

Register here for free! Don't just use your website as a portfolios and visiting cards. Yes, a product range is an essential part of your freelancer website. Yes, they want to see what kind of work you have done in the past as evidence that you are able to create what they want.

Yes, maybe in the years to come you will have enough expertise, enough ongoing recommendations and a large enough web site that is just a storefront for your work. A lot of the freelance designers you look up to may have this kind of website. They' ve already found it.

On the other hand, you need to use your website so much more than a real estate portfoli. Like I said, it must be your number one selling device. In order to do that, here is what your website must have: Services - what you offer and how it will help your clients.

Blog - here you will discuss topics that interest your prospective customers (not your colleagues or your mother) and answers the most frequently asked question they necessarily have about working with you. An opt-in newsletters invites you to give them their e-mail addresses (even better if you give them something free in return) so that you can get in touch with them in the near term.

With whom you work and with whom you don't - to open your company to liberty by only working with customers you like. I' ll go into detail on each of these articles that will be added soon, so keep tuning in to get my top hints and hints for each of the website's needs above.

Have a look at your website now. Is it a selling instrument for your prospective customers? Don't use your website to tell folks what YOU are doing, but to tell folks what you can do for them. It' s a really frequent error that I made in the past and that many Freelancer make.

You' re not the one your prospects don't take cared of. You don't come to your website to admire all your abilities. They' re coming because they have a dilemma and they think maybe you can fix it. So, instead of listingthe capabilities you have and the service you are selling, listen to the results you give them.

Rather than list "WordPress Webdesign"-> use "Win more visitors and consumers with a new website". Each copy on your website should be formulated in such a way that it shows the benefit (gain more customer, safe less effort, give the feeling of being x) and not functions (private coach, well-designed website, 2-week turnaround).

Take a look at your website: Do you talk about what you are doing or how it will help your client? Has your visitors been stranded or does they know exactly what to do and where to go? Do you know that the mean individual stays 6-8 seconds on a website before they leave?

An overloaded, bewildering website with too many choices will get your traffic to the key more quickly than you can say, "Don't go! So, look at each page of your site and consider whether each element serves its intended use. What is the number of objects you have in your side bar? Are you really interested that your prospects see your instant diagrameed?

You think this will help your company out? Unless you use a community based marketing tool to promote yourself, do not place a hyperlink to it on your website. Don't put all your pages in your menubar just because you can. Make wise choices about what you put where and make sure it is for the sale of your products/services.

It'?s your turn! Better yet, enroll in my free course Sites 101, which teaches you everything you need to know about how to build an efficient professional website. And plus tutorial videos on the technical stuff of freelancer sites and videos reviewed to show you what makes them great and what they can enhance.

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