How to Host a Domain in Godaddy

This is how to host a domain in Godaddy

I' ll share with you the steps I followed to get a Firebase Deploy setup with GoDaddy custom domain. This is a short tutorial on how to connect (show) your domain on GoDaddy to any hosting, in this case NameCheap. Use GoDaddy for your own domain creation with your own Firebase

Made it with Polymer.js and BrandBase. Firbase provides a broad spectrum of support activities. The page I was working with was in the file that provided the link ( However, for user-defined domain names you need a domain administrator like GoDaddy. I' ve got one with GoDaddy and I haven't found the right order of statements to setup it with it.

This article will outline the process I followed to get a GoDaddy customized domain setup for your deployment using GoDaddy. I' ll also show you how to make your website available with using your own software. Yeah, I made mine with polymer.js and I ran it with node.js. Login to the Firewall control panel. Login and use the new projekt you created in the Firewall control panel.

"It' Firebase." As soon as you have done this, let us provide your website. Lists the number of executables that will be provided. Please browse to the links provided by firbase to view your website. For GoDaddy I reserved and wanted to use it for my website. Matters you shouldn't do in GoDaddy before you start:

There is a lot of comprehensive and simple tutorial on how to customize your domain settings for your organization with Firebase. In most cases, following the directions on the left should get you ahead. Let's go through all the paces anyway: See the TXT entries. That'?s what we're going to use in GoDaddy for the facility.

The two TXT entries that Firebase proposed using the "ADD" buttons should now be added. Delete all TXT entries. As soon as you have done this, go back to the Firebase control panel. In Firebase modal, click the "A" option icon that you see in the 12th steps. Insert the A entries into GoDaddy entries as well.

Clear all available A-entries. Give it a few moments now and your website should be up and run with the user-defined domain. That worked for me and now my website is on I' ve made a few errors when configuring the user domain. First of all I added a redirect from GoDaddy to the broken links in my game.

I' ve added the CNAME entries, not the A entries.

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