How to Host a website on Godaddy

This is how to host a website on Godaddy

GoDaddy allows you to host your website. Yes, GoDaddy also offers web hosting. To host your ASP.NET MVC Web site on the GoDaddy server

I' ll tell you in this essay how you can host your website on the GoDaddy servers.... I' ll also be explaining how you can build a GoDaddy on your own webpage. However, the trial we would pursue will not only apply to GoDaddy, but to all other hostings as well.

GoDaddy MVC website, you must have a Windows schedule. Let's begin gradually. 1 Go to GoDaddy and log in with your access data. You will then receive your page on the hostingserver. There you can create a new website for a new website or you can create a new subdomain for a new website.

Subdomain now. I' m going to put in a new subdomain. Once you have added a new subdomain, you will get the following page. 5 After you have added a subdomain, your website goes online and looks like this: After you have entered the website name and directory name, click the OK icon.

This creates a directory for your Web site that is specified in the Document Root text box. This is your directory. 8Click Add FTP Account now. Fill out the following blank after you click the "Add new FTP account" link. 10After finishing this operation, go back to your servers home page and build a base on the servers when you are in your work.

11Click the Add New Data Base button. Complete the following blank to build the server data base. Once you've completed this procedure, we'll switch to Visual Studio and open the web app you want to host. I' m getting my old paper "jTable CRUD Operation using MVC" in this one.

In order to host your web app, first right-click on the web page and then click the button Publish. 14After you click the Public key, a Web publishing dialogue opens. First, you need to set up a new one. Enter any name for your profil and click the Next icon.

Establish the link to your FTP site, enter the FTP site passcode and confirm the link. Click the Next icon after the review and accept the following options. Now click on the Publish pushbutton and await publication. 19Write Link Sequence for your server-side data base.

Re-open Visual Studio and upgrade the data base from the Bundle Manger by rewriting the same connectivity in webs. config of your project in Visual Studio. If you are running the website you will get the following bug, this is the common bug that comes every and every times you will be hosting your website.

In order to fix this problem, you need to customize your web.config on the serverside. Configure the Text Editor icon located at the bottom of the Text Area. 25Start 25Add two rows to web.config now. 26Start 26Now you are running your website with your own name. Hosted our ASP. MVC NET Website. Create FTP client on the FTP client you use.

Create a data base on the webhost. Troubleshooting of the publication of our website. Update the databases on the serverside with the Package Manager Console.

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