How to Host on Godaddy

Like to entertain on Godaddy

First setting to update is the A (host) file or the "A record. We recommend Bluehost if you want to move to a new host. And GoDaddy's not one of them.

Your best web browser is GoDaddy compliant with GoDaddy?

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Retrieve the DNS information from the WP Engine.

So, you have your all-new WP Engine Hosted accounts and need to point your GoDaddy domainname to your new servers, huh? First thing you want to do is sign in to your WP Engine user interface, click Install at the top of the page, and then make sure the website you want to work with is selected.

So, if I were working with my domainname, it would look like this: Duplicate this number, also known as your IP address. The next step is to log in to GoDaddy and click My Account/My Album. Select Submit a DNS and then click Manage DNS next to the name you want to work with. The host remains at @, and Points to should be the IP address you received from your WP Engine user accounts.

DNA can take up to a few to spread around the globe, but nowadays it's nearer an hours or two. One good website to check in which parts of the globe your DNA entries have been refreshed is What's My DNA? Simply enter the website and it will tell you what your global network is.

In your WP Engine and WP Engine accounts, click the Domains button on the far side of the WP Engine display. As soon as the distribution is finished, your Domainname now points to your new WP Engine Manager!

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