How to Host website on Godaddy Domain

This is how to host a website on the Godaddy domain

However, in order to host on our server, we need to create your author site. You already own a domain and want to transfer it to GoDaddy? Then click on "Custom name servers (I hotel my domains elsewhere). This can be done by taking a screenshot and saving it to your device. Right now, since your domain is free of GoDaddy Website Builder.

Learn how to host a website with Godaddy domains and how to get it published at Hostgator.

Step-by-step instructions for releasing the website with Godaddy domain name and Hostgator host. Are you aware that it is not necessary to have a domain registered and a web host at the same time? In the opinion of seasoned web designer, having different account with different businesses for domain registry and webhosting purposes is the best thing you should do.

Both GoDaddy's low-cost domain registry and HostGator's web site services are available, no worries. On the basis of some Godaddy review we show you how it works. First of all, buy a host with HostGator Fill out the web form and provide your name, your postal code and your billing information. Sign up for your domain name. You' re gonna have to open a GoDaddy bankroll.

Sign up your domain. First Godaddy searches for the domain you want to sign up for if it is still available. When available, you can continue with the check-out area, otherwise Godaddy will show related domain name with different endings. Customise your domain name, then click "Domains" on the menubar.

Choose "My Domains". You will then see a listing of the domain names you have created with Go Daddy. Choose the domain you want to use by click on it. Choose the Nameserver item. Then click on "Custom name servers (I hotel my domain elsewhere)". You can find the information about the name servers in the e-mail HostGator sent you.

Type the particulars GoDaddy asks for. Choose "OK" to close the deal with Go Daddy. Include a domain in your HostGator area. Log in to your HostGator user name. Click the button in your web browser window to display the domain name of the domain you are registering with Go Daddy.

You can now create your own HostGator site with your GoDaddy domain name. It may be necessary to delay a little until the domain name spreads after the DNA modification in above 4. You can now have your website at the best webhosts of 2014 and domain at the best domain registrar of 2014 host.

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