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Perhaps you will wonder about the advantages of over the free dotcom route. Domain name registration and host search. Above all, find a reliable service to register your individual domain name and host your WordPress page. In case you want to use WordPress on your hosting account with us, we have a simple installation for you.

Host your own Wordpress blog:

Setting up a hosted WordPress site

WorldPress is one of the most widely-used blog and publication platform with more than 66 million websites worldwide. However, free media assets and lean template are not the only capabilities WordPress has to offer - you can actually get WordPress from WordPress. org and create your own customized website in just a few moments.

But the problem is, the whole concept of creating a website from the ground up is quite scary, and you may not know exactly where to do it. We' ve put together a baseline tutorial for you to set up your own WordPress site, which includes how to enroll for a Domainname, how to enroll with a host service and how to successfully downloading and installing on your computer.

Perhaps you will wonder about the advantages of over the free Spotcomoute. offers much more flexibility when it comes to blogs and uploads. Although is basically a one-stop store and simpler to use, it is more restricted and comes bundled autmatically with a trademarkedomain ( e.g. is not just an on-line web site contents manager; it's a piece of downloadable and installable web site technology, coupled with a web site that' s housed elsewhere on the web. It is more progressive and provides more choices. While both WordPress utilities are free of charge from a technical point of view, the downloadable version can only be used if you are paying for an individual web host and name.

Above all, find a dependable tool to help you sign up your individualomainname and host your WordPress page. Hundreds of them are available to select from, many of whom can book your domains and offer simultaneous web hosting. One way or the other, make sure it fulfills the WordPress minimal requirement that you can find here. The WordPress home page states that most of the available hostings work well and that it has "edited more host than you can possibly think of.

Bluetooth Host: Functions includes automated installation, easily available upgrades, infinite hard drive space, infinite month-to-month file transfers, provisioning of infinite domains on the same user accounts, 2,500 e-mail accounts, and more. Functions included one-click installation, automated updating, limitless number of hosters, a two-week evaluation version, a free domainname and several free add-ons. Because they all work with WordPress, they make for a smooth set-up experience, lower cost and specialized functionality you won't find anywhere else.

A small contribution also goes back to, which is a good way to help promote the site. It is recommended that you choose one of these three service types just for the simplicity of installing, but there are a number of other favorite features that you may be more comfortable with, among them Namecheap and GoDaddy.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or disoriented, please use a one-click Installer or When you decide to dowload the program without the help of a one-click deployment feature, don't be worried about a complex launch; WordPress brags about its five-minute deployment time.

Prior to starting the install, make sure you have four extra WordPress recipes. Here you can get a free, legitimate copy of the FTP file FileZilla. You also need web hosting services (your web host should be able to do this through its own web hosting application, a utility like Apache, etc.), a pure text editing application (Notepad on PC, TextEdit on Mac, etc.) and of course your preferred web browsing application.

Go to the Downloads page and click on the "Download WordPress 3.5.1" icon. "You will receive the program in a zipped format - unpack the files on your HD. You must have a WordPress data base on your web servers and a MySQL account that can store all your articles, commentaries, metadata, and other information.

Next, you need to merge WordPress and your domains by dragging the entire content of the unpacked WordPress folder (but not the WordPress folder itself ) into the home folder of your webhost. Enter your details, login with the WordPress temp user name and the WordPress temp passwords, and you have a new website at your disposal.

The last few stages are a little tricky; with this idea in the back of your head, read the comprehensive, step-by-step WordPress install guide here, and if you encounter any difficulties, take a look at frequent install bugs and their fixes here. Creating the back end of your website from the ground up doesn't mean you have to do without the diversity of topics WordPress has to offer.

Have a look at's 1,764 theme index and give your website some personal touch. has a repository of 25,229 plug-ins that you can include in your website, plus Akismet to help filters spam and WP Optimize for thorough safety. WordPress always has something new to teach you.

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