How to Install a Blogger Theme

Installing a Blogger theme

Installing a Blogger Template. For the blog you want to edit from your list of blogs, click the Topic tab. To upload a template from your hard drive, click Select File. Search for your compatible XML template and click Open.

Installing a Google Blogger template

Google Blogger lets you either use the built-in style sheet themes or install a style sheet from an external resource. Mother Blogger can find well-designed Blogger layouts with a searching machine. For example Blogger has a wide range of plugins, is simple to use and is well supported by website users.

As with WordPress topics, you need to be cautious when using free Blogger layouts you find on the Internet. Unfortunately, unlike WordPress, Google does not have an offical website to share Blogger submissions separately from its submission designer, so there is no 100 per cent secure resource for trusted topics. When you see a link in the pattern that you don't want in your blogs, either delete it or use another pattern.

To install a Blogger artwork that you download from another website: Sign in to Blogger and click the Design button on your Blogger Dashboard. If you click on the Download Full template button, you will be prompted to download and store it on your computer. Write down the filename and location if you need it later!

Extract the templates that you have been downloading from another website. On the Edit HTML page, click the Select Files icon. Press the Upload Buttons. When you already have some available Widgets in your Blogger-Blog you might get a alert asking if you want to keep or remove them.

To keep the work you've done before, click the Keep Widgets Buttons. When you are finished using them, click the Delete widgets buttons. Once the download is completed, you will be notified at the top of the page that your changes have been made. To make sure your blogs look the way you want them to, click the View Blogs Buttons.

Some page items may need to be removed or moved for the style sheet to appear correctly. A few free Blogger layouts found on the Internet may not be compatible with the latest release of Blogger. When this happens to you, you either have to find someone who is very clever and knows how to process your data, or you have to find another way to do it!

It is also possible to re-install the original file you download as a back-up or use the original designer.

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