How to Install a Wordpress Theme on Bluehost

Installing a Wordpress Theme on Bluehost

Preview and install a WordPress theme directly from the WordPress backend. Complimentary WordPress Theme installation service (includes WP set-up and plugins)

You' ve listened right, we provide you with a free WordPress install, as well as install your choice of theme and plugin, and free performance tuning when you hosted your website with our affiliates. In this way you can register for a lower cost service. These offers apply to all your selected hosted offers.

Please click this button to take advantage of a BlueHost discount. Yes, free WordPress & theme install! As soon as you have registered for Bluehost, please fill out the following registration request and send it to us to get your complete theme and plug-in installer free of charge.... As part of our free WordPress set-up services, what do we do?

Reflect on your strategy and your contents while we create your WordPress website for you! Our free WordPress setup and installation service with performance and recovery optimisation will help you expedite your website creation proces. Spend less of your valuable resources on your company's data, instead of having to waste your valuable resources configuring WordPress, topics and plug-ins.

PRIMARY WEB SITE FACILITY WE WILL CARRY OUT THE PRIMARY WEBSITE FACILITY FOR YOU FREE OF CHARGE. Install WordPress and your WordPress theme for your website. No matter which WordPress theme you select, we install it and configure it for you with the example files. The installation and activation of all plug-ins necessary for the successful operation of your website is also included.

We' ll also be installing some of the best free WordPress plug-ins such as Yast SOE O (for SOE optimization), Akismet (for antispam), WP Total Cache (for caching), etc. We' ll do a few reviews and some routine work to make sure your WordPress site is working well. Please complete the following to register for our free theme install services:

Please click on this hyperlink to go to Bluehost. Select a host ing-offer of your choosing and pay in full. As soon as you have bought your BlueHost host, please use the following contact information and tell us your e-mail ID or user ID with which you bought your BlueHost host. Please also give us the login data/resources needed to gain acces to the theme/plugin and let us do the work!

What do we do with BlueHost? We' ve worked with Bluehost because it is one of the best and most dependable web site platforms for your web site. We' ve been in Business for 10 years and many of our customers use BlueHost to host their pages. The BlueHost has the best ratings among our members.

That is why we have teamed up with BlueHost to offer our customers an exceptional rebate. BlueHost offers you the possibility to select any of the BlueHost parcels according to your needs. Do you think maybe why should we offer free WordPress blog install and host discounts? If you buy BlueHost through our partner links, you will receive a small fee when you buy BlueHost web site host.

Our WordPress specialists only take a few moments to install a WordPress theme for free, making it a win-win offer. Receive our affilate fees and our subscribers receive free theme installers. In addition, we have always tried to help new WordPress user to build their website and develop their businesses.

The free WordPress install and set up is a small piece of our work to help our clients safe some effort and work. So if you have already bought hostings, but are looking for help with the install, we provide Get Start. Submit your request to take advantage of your free installer. Please note: Don't neglect to include your Bluehost user name if you have already bought using the above links.

We also need your Topic Zip file, your Topic Zip file and the plug-in install & Licence Keys to enable them to set up your WordPress website for you.

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