How to Install Avada Theme

To install Avada Theme

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To install Avada via FTP

The Avada theme can be installed in two ways. It is possible to install it via FTP, as described in this paper, or via WordPress. ThemeForest theme downloads are required before you can install Avada. When you first start the theme from ThemeForest, we suggest you go ahead and get the Full Theme Bundle to get extra items like the Revolution and Layer Slider docs and only the Avada Classic Democ.PSDs.

When you have already dowloaded the complete packages, you can simply use the WordPress installable files. Stage 1 - Log in to your ThemeForest accounts and browse to your " Download " page, then search for your Avada ThemeBuy. Stage 2 - Click the "Download" icon and select whether you want to either simply select the "Installable WordPress File", which is the installation -only WordPress document, or whether you want to select "Download All Files & Documentation", which is the full Avada Theme Pack.

Stage 3 - See below for FTP install tutorials. Stage 1 - Login to your FTP site for your FTP client install. Stage 2 - If you have successfully completed the download of the ThemeForest Theme Pack, please extract the original files and then extract the files containing an Avada directory.

Stage 3 - Load the Avada extract directory into the wp-content > themes directory on the web site. Ensure that the name of the directory is ->'Avada'. 4 - Log in to your WordPress dashboard and browse to Appearance > Topics and click the "Activate" icon for the Avada design. Stage 5 - After activation you will be directed to our welcome page.

You will be prompted to install the plug-ins needed by Avada, i.e. the Fusion Core and Fusion Builder plug-ins. Please click here to find out how to install the plug-ins Avada requires.

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