How to Install Custom Wordpress Theme

Installing a custom Wordpress theme

What if you want to install a custom design? Do you need to know how to install a WordPress theme? This is it, and now your design will be uploaded to your server. The time has come to preview and activate the design. An animated image showing the installation process of the WordPress theme.

Find a topic on the web

The WordPress application allows you to use custom designs for a blogs so you can make your website look cool and ingenious. You can get a few ways to get custom designs for use on your WordPress page: Load a theme from the web onto your computer and use the WordPress Dashboard to up-load it.

Look for a topic in the WordPress Dashboard Topics section. The WordPress application allows you to browse for topics related to certain key words and/or functions. Allows you to start the WordPress Dashboard search: To see a thumbnail of a theme, move your mouse over the theme and click Thumbnail. Or you can find a design for your WordPress website on the Internet, e.g. in places like Theme Forest, Elegant Threads, WP Tiger and more.

Simply browse the WordPress theme in your chosen browser and discover it! Be sure to dowload the design to your desktops as soon as it is found. Once you have chosen a theme using your favorite methods, please complete the following steps to install the theme on your WordPress page. Please note: Not all WordPress topics are fully compliant with the latest WordPress release.

Make sure that the design you want to install is consistent with the WordPress software you have already used. If you want to find out before installing, you can check the information about your topic. Please note: Make sure that the theme file is packed in .zip file form. In order to adjust the selected design a little, click on Look on the navigation bar on the right and then on Designs.

Click Customize to go to a page with some topic choices.

To install the WordPress theme

You can install WordPress Theme on your website in two ways: Installation of the theme from the WordPress theme' offical theme library; installation of the theme by uploading a zipped archive. In order to install a theme that has been added to the WordPress theme referenceository, you must complete the following steps: When you have selected the topic outside the offical topic repository or you have obtained a zipped archive, you must follow the procedure below:

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