How to Install Desktop Themes

Installing Desktop Themes

In the Designs folder, copy your custom theme. You can now enjoy your favourite motif on your desktop! Delete only topics that you have created or installed, not topics that Windows provides.

Use of the Control Panel

The System Control is the main repository for change tooling, configuration and setting. Veteran Windows users are accustomed to the symbol display (Figure 4.1). By default, the control panel is set to the categories mode so that you do not have to remember the symbol descriptions and features (Figure 4.2). You can move the mouse cursor over a categories header or symbol in both views to display a pop-up descriptor.

Illustration 4.1 The Symbol pane unifies all System Preferences tool icons in one single pane. Illustration 4.2 Category pane groups the System Manager tool into function alignments. Opens the system control: Select Start > System Select. Select Start, typing the operation field in the search field, and then pressing Return. Use the Windows Logos key+R to input the controls and hit Return.

How to open an element in the Categories view: Select a categorical title or symbol to see a listing of its Control Panel related functions and utilities (Figure 4.3). If you click on the Appearance and Personalization header, this page will be displayed. To go directly to a to-do button under a categorical header, click it (Figure 4.4).

A click on the Modify design topic (under the Appearance and Personalization category) will take you directly to this page. How to open an element in the symbol view: Clic on the element. Using the arrows to scroll to the element you want, hit Return. Click the button for the first character of the element and then click Return.

When several elements have the same initial letters, repeat those letters until the element you want is selected, then hit Return. How to browse for a Control Panel item: At the top right of the Control Panel, in the Find field, typing one or more words into the textfield. The Control Panel displays the appropriate task as you input.

Please click on any of the links in the result window (Figure 4.5). Illustration 4.5 This quest enumerates mouse-related items. If you are in the Categories or Symbols pane, the Find field works the same way. How to change the Control Panel views: Go to the Control Panel. Select a display from the dropdown menu Display after (Figure 4.6). Illustration 4.6 It is simple to change the actual display.

The Small Icons Viewer grabs most of the content in the smallest of spaces.

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