How to Install Divi on Wordpress

Installing Divi on Wordpress

Reinstall WordPress on your new website* Divi Parent Theme ZIP File Divi Child Theme ZIP File. Note that the XAMPP installation process asks you if you want to add a Bitnami option for installing WordPress (or other software). Unbelievably versatile, you'll love to use it.

Installing the DiviTopic in WordPress

I will show you in this workshop how to install and enable the Divi topic in your WordPress dashboard. Have I mentioned that Divi is fantastic? For more information about selecting a WordPress topic and why I think Divi is the right one for you, click here. I' ve been through a lot of free and top topics and eventually got on my feet with Divi.

In all honesty, I believe that Divi is one of the best, if not the best WordPress topic on the web today. Stylish theming, the Creator of Divi, has a selection of 87 lovely themed items and over 350,000 clients. Divi is her most beloved and one of the two most used WordPress topics (along with the Genesis and StudioPress Genesis frameworks and kid themes).

Stylish designs allow users to browse all 87 topics and all plug-ins in the Builder schedule for just $89 per year or lifelong browsing for a one-time $249 fee, which is an astonishing value. As soon as you have purchased the Divi-Thema, you will become an Elegant themed member, giving you easy entry to its member's forums and technical assistance group.

In order to buy and have the Divi themes downloaded, go to the Elegant Themes website here and click the button labeled, Up Today! For more information about the Divi topic, visit the Divi Gallery on the Elegant Themes website. Our developers are the most loved plans because they give you easy entry to their fantastic plugin libraries.

Below on the page you will see the headline Topic downloads. Click Next to the Divi Topic on your right and choose Divi Topic Pack and the Divi Topic will be moved to your downloaded area. If the design was downloaded in a directory style, you may need to generate a zipped archive.

In order to upload a zipped document to your WordPress Dashboard, right-click on the download section and " collapse " the document. Now you should see a small filename called First thing you need to do is log into your WordPress Dashboard. As soon as you have signed in and are in the WordPress Dashboard, click Appearance >>Topics.

That'?s when you load up the topic. Click Choose then. Ensure that you have a zipped archive to be uploaded by following the above procedure. Choose the Divi. zipped archive from the Download directory (or wherever the archive is located). After selecting the desired Divi Topic and clicking the Install Now icon, the Divi Topic will be installed.

The Divi Topic will now appear on the Appearance > Themes page as shown below. Move your mouse over the topic and click on the Activate icon. Divi Topic is now installe! Go back to the members area in your Elegant Themes area. Choose the Divi Builders plug-in under Download Plugins.

Then click Download, and then click Package Pack. will be sent to your download directory or wherever your downloaded files are sent to. In order to generate a zipped archive, right-click on the directory and "compress" the archive. Go now to your WordPress dashboard. From the Plugins submenu, choose New New.

Click Choose and choose the zipped archive in its place. After the installation activate the plug-in. The Divi Page Builder is up and running! I am here to help you build your first WordPress blogs.

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