How to Install Divi Theme

Installing Divi Theme

The installation and activation of the Divi Builder plugin couldn't be much easier. This tutorial teaches you how to download and install the Divi theme on your website. WorldPress is great, but its standard themes are missing. This tutorial explains how to download, install, and activate the Elegant Themes Divi Theme in your WordPress Dashboard. The Divi theme is installed and activated.

I' ll be explaining how to install the Divi WordPress theme every single time.

I' ll be explaining how to install the Divi WordPress theme every single time. You already have an ET bankroll. Now you should have a with about 5,9 megabytes. Login to your WordPress administration area and browse to Appearance > Themes and click the "Add New" icon at the top.

Click on "Upload topic" and download the Divipackage. Voila, you have successfully uploaded Divi to your website. In case this doesn't work for you, you can also FTP the Divi-documents ( I use FileZilla ) to your wp-content/themes/directory. But first you have to unzip the zipped archive and load all your data.

In addition, I suggest that you use a subordinate design.

Install Divi

WorldPress is great, but its standard topics are missing. These instructions will take you through the installation of Divi, which offers a variety of adjustment possibilities and is still easy to use. When you' re not ready, take a look at the chapter Modifying your WordPress media folder. First log into your WordPress Dashboard and click the Appearance tabs in the side bar on the right.

Some of the standard topics shipped with WordPress should be visible. We will install Divi soon, but first take a few moments to remove the standard theme. Move the mouse pointer over a theme and click on Theme Details. In case it is not your actual design, there should be a deletion knob in the lower right area.

As soon as you have finished the installation of Divi, come back and remove the last design you had. In order to install Divi, you must click on the New button at the top of the page after clicking View. As soon as you have done this, you will be offered free WordPress features. Though you could use any of these topics, this manual covers Divi because it looks great with so little work.

There' also a lot of encouragement. In order to install Divi, we use the Upload Theme icon at the top of the page. One way or the other, you must first upload a zipped version of the theme. Navigate to this zipped document when you upload the design to WordPress. When you' re done, click Activate to activate the topic and start applying it to your website.

With Divi now in place, you're set to adapt it to your website. On the Appearance page, click Adjust to display a selection of choices. There are many important styles that you should choose from in the Theme Settings section before you begin to add your website to your listings.

Please take the necessary moments to get all other adjustments exactly as you want them to be. Lastly, under the Appearance page in the WordPress toolbar, there is now a section named Divi Theme Options. It allows you to further personalize Divi, as well as add your own link to your community content account.

When you click Divi Theme Option, you will be started in the General Preferences section. Exploring each section, but you can keep most adjustments as they are. Please notice that there is a text field at the bottom of the General Preferences section for custom CSS input. This text box will be very useful as you further adjust Divi.

So if you are unfamiliar with CSS, it may take a little getting used to it, but the added capability to adjust everything is definitely valuable. First, get to know Divi and use it to make your website look good, no matter what kind of contents you put on it. Well, now that you're done here, you can proceed with the installation of Flare and Yoast.

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