How to Install Divi Theme in Wordpress

Installing Divi Theme in Wordpress

Set up SSL (https) for your domain (FREE). Prepared to start installing Divi Theme on WordPress? Instructions on how to create a website with Wordpress and Divi theme in 2018.

Once you've finished the installation of the website package, it's your turn to adjust the colours and contents. Just click on'Enable Visual Builder' to get started and you'll soon find customization possibilities for your website. The Divi comes with a great set of great videos that you can work with. In order to get to know the fundamentals of Divi, I suggest to see at least the fundamental videos of the tutorial.

Review the Side bar of your WordPress dashboard and go to Pages > New. There is a bottom line at the end of each page in this page. Proceed as follows to modify the contents of the footer: In the WordPress Dashboard, go to the ""Appearance > Widgets"" tab. Here you can click and Drag to create different "boxes" to your bottom line or delete the unwanted elements.

Before you install your plug-ins, you might wonder what it is. The plugin is nothing more than a small extension developed to improve the abilities and general functions of WordPress. Plug-ins can be used anywhere - you can use them to add new photogalleries, create forms templates, or even create your own shopplace.

What is the best way to install a plug-in? To begin the installation of a plug-in, just go to the plug-in installation options and click new. Once you have done this, you will find a variety of plug-ins to select from. Explore the 25,000 free plug-ins to eventually select your favorite one.

Yoast WordPress Search Engine - As the name suggests, this is the plug-in that makes your WordPress website more search engine optimized. It' free and allows you to optimize your titles tag, your meta-descriptions and many other functions. Analytics - This is the plug-in that will help you keep up with your current behaviour and your visitors.

The Essential Grid - This is for those who want to create photographic gallery on their WordPress pages.

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