How to Install Downloaded Themes

To install downloaded themes

Luckily, installing a theme that you bought or downloaded elsewhere is as easy as a process. Install themes Review the detailed contents of README.txt in the /themes tree for more information. Please click here to get the topic. They can find topics under Downloads, as well as some outside pages.

The first time you are downloading the design, it will appear in a zipped or tar.gz compression type as well. If you need to unzip the zipped document, you will get a listing of the documents unzipped to a specific location.

Elevate the file. You can also add topics to the sites/all/themes repository if you are performing a multiple-site install, and the locations/all/themes version will take priority over any version of the same topics located here. As an alternative, the sites/your_site_name/themes directories design can be used to limit topics to a particular site level.

When the design has an install installer filename (usually INSTALL.txt and/or README.txt), see this for customization. Some topics need particular attention in order to work correctly. Activate and activate it actively, standard topic. Select the Install to install the design box and use Make it your defaults to select the design for your Web site.

You can also use'Install and make default' to activate the topic for your website along with the topic install. When you encounter issues, review the problem queuing topics and browse the boards.

What is the best way to download and install Windows 7 themes?

In the last few week we have regularly published a series of Windows 7 Themeson. A lot of these topics were very much appreciated by our readership and were downloaded a hundred time. Sometimes, however, we have heard from our readership about not being able to install the themes on their workstations.

Therefore, we have considered why not create a basic manual that explains the installation of our themes and makes it easier for our new reader and subscriber. Upload topics from the Windows 7 Theme Gallery: Each of our topics is on a unique page to make it easier for our readership to explore and retrieve.

You can find the themes on the Windows 7 Themes Gallery page. On this page you can see the most favourite files for downloading at the top of the page and various other topics are displayed in the different category directly below this area. Go to the topic page for a download: Every topic has its own page for downloading.

Click on the links for each of the topics shown in the galleries and you will be redirected to the page where you can find the downloads for that topic. Let's have a look at the Lamborghini themes page for downloading. We' ve tried to describe every single detail of the topic on the Downloads page.

They can see the topic descriptions, the publication date, the categories in which it was published, the number of downloads and especially the click-downs. Click the "Read more" icon to display the topic's screen shots. Downloads a topic from the gallery: Click on the "Save file" link and store the design in a favorite directory on your computer.

At the end of the process, open the directory where you stored the design. This is the zipped version of the topic archive. To install the themes on your computer, you must first unpack them using compressing softwares such as 7-Zip, Winzip or Winrar.

Simply click with the right mouse button on the themes and click on "extract here". Extracts the topic in a few seconds and creates a new directory with the topic files in it. Browse in this directory and you will see the themes files. Simply double-click on the themes filename and it will be downloaded to your Windows 7 computer.

Once you' re done, you will be taken to your Windows personalization screen, where your design is marked in green. You can now savor your favourite motif on your desk! Visit our Windows 7 Themes Galleries to discover more themes. Have a look at other topics in the galery - there is always something new and interesting to do!

Feel free to browse our topics and don't miss to make comments or join us on Facebook and Twitter. You may not be able to use this approach for topics downloaded from other Web sites.

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