How to Install free Wordpress Theme

Installing free Wordpress Theme

Free-of-charge WordPress themes are popular because of their appealing design, ease of installation and use, and most importantly because of their price - free of charge. You have several topic providers and ways to add topics. Finding and installing a free WordPress Theme Free-of-charge WordPress topics are loved because of their attractive look, ease of setup and use, and most importantly because of their low cost - free of charge. Using free skins, you can get your website up and running quickly with a new one. I' ll let you modify your look as many times as you want.

Locating the topic that best matches you may take some amount of your attention, but with tens of millions available, you will finally find one that matches you.

WordPress offers an intuitive way to search the Topic Directory page to find, previews and install topics on your website without ever losing the convenience of the WordPress Dashboard. 1 In the WordPress Dashboard, select Appearance?Themes, and then click the Install themes page at the top of the Manage Mymes page.

Opens the Install Themes page. 1Search for a new topic by typing a subject name, writer or day in the field. Use the Feature Filters checkbox to filter the theme's results by color, column, width, feature, and theme. 3 Once you have typed in your query terms, click the Find icon to the right of the Find field.

There is a dropdown menu on the results page from which you can select topics. To see an example of the theme's appearance, click the Previews button below the theme of your interest. In order to go back to the results page, click on the Closing button in the top right hand corner ofthe preferencescreen.

4 After you have found a topic you like, click the Install shortcut below the topic name to install the topic on your website. 5 Click the Install New icon to finish the install. Close the screen and the Installing Theme page will appear. Click Enable to enable and view the new theme on your website.

On the Manage Topics page, the topic that you selected updates and appears under the Topic currently selected heading, which indicates that it is the topic currently used on your Web site. Topics found in the WordPress list of topics have been reviewed by WordPress people. The dashboard will be included in the list of topics on the website, so you will only find the topics that are free and secure.

Secure topics are free of spamming and bad language and contain essential WordPress features to make sure your WordPress page works with the minimal prerequisites.

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