How to Install Google Analytics Wordpress

Installing Google Analytics Wordpress

Instructions on how to install Google Analytics in WordPress. Download and install the Google Analytics by MonsterInsights plugin. The ultimate Google Analytics tutorial to show you how. Can I install Google Analytics with a WordPress plugin?

Adding Google Analytics to WordPress without a plugin

Are you looking for a way to easily integrate Google Analytics into your WordPress website without a plug-in? The addition of Google Analytics to your website will help you keep up with the flow of your website and provide invaluable insight into your visitor-base. Let's take a look at how you can apply Analytics tracker to your website without a plug-in.

How about adding Google Analytics with or without a plug-in? They may think that the less plug-ins you use on your site, the better, but that's not always necessarily so. It' t real that poorly encoded plug-ins can cause bloating and decelerate your website. However, a well done, light weight plug-in can spare you a great deal of effort and effort without any negative impact.

Indeed, the number of plug-ins on a WordPress page has practically no connection with the actual website throughput. It' about the install state of the plug-in. Here you can learn more about how plug-ins influence the website traffic time. Let us take a look at why including Google Analytics in your website without a plug-in might not be the best option for your website before we get started.

It' not that easy: Joining Google Analytics to your website without a plug-in is not as simple as using a plug-in. Loss of your trace is possible: If you change your designs, you may possibly be forgetting to readd the Analytics tracker to your new design. Your traffic will not be followed during the timeframe when you re-add your tracking number.

You will not miss this information with a plug-in. They miss high performance analysis functions: You' ll miss powerfull functions like event tracing, user-defined measurements, tracing of downloads and much more. It is very time-consuming to install these functions on your WordPress page without a plug-in. and much more - see the complete feature listing here.

And if you prefer to setup Google Analytics without a plug-in, please see the step-by-step instructions below. Prior to starting, make sure you back up your WordPress topic so you can recover it if something goes awry. You will edit the source of your website directly, so that an error of just one misdirected point could cause your entire website to collapse.

Sign in to your Google Analytics email address and choose the website you need the trackecode for. Click Track Info in the Properties columns, and then click Track Codes. You can now retrieve the Web Site Track and Trace section. Sign in to your WordPress dashboard and browse to Appearance " Editor.

Insert the trace you just pasted from your Analytics Profiles after the day. You just added Google Analytics to WordPress without a plug-in. You may also want to prevent Google Analytics from following WordPress user logs in after you install Google Analytics.

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