How to Install Jupiter Theme

To install the Jupiter theme

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Jupiter WordPress Theme set up for the first time

The Jupiter is a mighty WordPress theme that has caused a sensation on Themeforest since its launch in 2013. Since Jupiter 5 was released, the situation has really got better. The design is high-performance, light and simple to adapt. Currently, over 70 free demo artwork is available when you buy Jupiter.

Featuring 50 of these specially developed corporate site guides, it's a good fit for any kind of corporate website. The article is a step-by-step guide to help you install Jupiter. Jupiter is assumed to have already been bought and downloadd from Themeforest. Be sure to review the requests before installing Jupiter!

Do this before you actually install something on your own machine. Jupiter's developer, Artbees, has many great supportvideos, tutorials and documents on their website. However, take a look at the Jupiter requirements for servers to find out everything you need to get up and running. In order to install a preset that we will show you how to do, you need to modify some settings in your ini php files.

I had no phone line on my share with GoDaddy. Create a file with your text and insert the following code: The installation of Jupiter is simple. Use the Zip Files methods. to load Jupiter. In your WordPress Dashboard, browse to Appearance > Themes.

Press the Append New key. Press the Upload Theme icon. Then click the Select Files pushbutton. Locate your Jupiter. Select it from the zipped list. Press the Install Now Buttons. Don't yet enable the topic. We' ll use a child's theme. Further information on children's topics can be found in our article on the creation of a children's topic in WordPress.

To install your zip file, please follow the same procedure as above. Browse back from your dashboard to Appearance > Themes and you will see Jupiter and the Jupiter Children Theme. Click the Activate pushbutton under your Jupiter Kind Theme. As soon as the theme is enabled, you will be directed to the Jupiter Control Panel section of your Dashboard.

Happy birthday, now you have Jupiter and you are set to build a nice website. First, you must receive your order number from Envato-Marktplatz. And if you don't have an API license please check out How to Registry Theme to find out exactly what you need to do. Just type in your own programming interface (API) and click on the big little box labeled Register and you are good to go. superblaser from the Star Wars movie, you are not fully working yet.

Once you've installed these plug-ins, however, you should be prepared to take advantage of the WordPress galaxy's ultimative performance. Jupiter comes with two necessary plug-ins, Visual Composer and Artbees Themes Captcha. Jupiter comes with both free of charge. Those plugs are necessary for the theme to work.

More information can be found at How to Update Jupiter Theme. In order to install the necessary plug-ins via the Jupiter Control Panel, click on the Begin Installing Plug-ins text at the top of the page. Installation of the plug-ins. Enable the plug-ins. It is the standard preset before you enable the necessary plug-ins.

That' s how it looks after the activation of the needed plug-in. Let us install the demonstration contents, known as drafts. Create a website using FTP or a zip archive to attach a website to your own website. This is a. zip files because it is a bit simpler. First, please dowload the desired pattern.

To learn more about how to download a template, see the Artbees Template Installation Guide for more information. Browse to the Templates page in the Jupiter Control Panel. Thought my ini php. files would take handle of it, but the mistake is that I have to raise the maximum amount of php space. I will find the wp-config.php from the html-folder.

Save this before editing it. Now I can put a single line of coding to raise the amount of memory: define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT','96M'); load the changed files into the html folder on your servers and that should fix the problem. Still saw an errormessage, so I disabled the Jupiter Child Theme and then enabled it again.

When I go to the Templates page, there are no errors. Just drop the . zip of the selected pattern into the appropriate area. As soon as the pattern is in place, you will see the following message. Click the Enable icon to enable your artwork. It is a really big topic and so far I have used it to create a small corporate site.

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