How to Install own Theme in Wordpress

Installing your own theme in Wordpress

You will now see this topic as your current active topic. What the hell are you gonna do afterwards to actually configure everything? Short instructions how to install a WordPress theme. Any of your favorite WordPress themes from can be installed and your blog/website launched.

But the sad reality is, if your blog is boring, most visitors won't stay.

Installing a WordPress theme

Okay, you already know how to install the latest WordPress and want to deviate from the standard WordPress theme look, but have no clue how to do it? This three-level workshop will get you through a new topic in no time- at all. We have a few automatic ways to do this, but as in our earlier Tutorial, we will focus only on the WordPress theme manually.

It is assumed that you already have WordPress on your computer. They also assume that you are going to install a "normal" design, i.e. no extended features that would need extra plug-ins or configurations. WordPress can't mind reading, so you need to select the topic you want to use. You can call me prejudiced, but some of the template on our free WordPress theme page are pretty beautiful.

The theme of this example is blue-green. The only thing you have to do with Readme.txt is to reread it (that's why it's also referred to as a readyme file) and is not needed for the next stage - the upload of the theme to WordPress. You can use an FTPlient like FileZilla to access your WordPress web site hostings.

Browse to the WordPress installation location and find the /wp-content/themes/ folder. Next and last is the activation of the theme in your WordPress administration area. Log on to your WordPress administration area and browse to the Presentation page. Wow, look, you can already see the Blue Green screenshots below! The WordPress program will read the folder and search for the screenshots and stylesheets in it.

Just click on it and your topic will be enabled. The WordPress makes it so easy.

To install my WordPress artwork/theme

Design changes the appearance of your website without altering the contents in any way. The WordPress topics may also offer other functions, but these differ from topic to topic. Their WordPress site is delivered with four pre-installed topics, namely: You have two options to install a new design in WordPress.

You can easily install a theme from your WordPress Dashboard or create your own design. In order to install a new design, go to Look > Designs > New, and then use the search or filter settings to find a design that you like. To see how the theme will look on your website, click Preview, or to install the theme on your website, click Install Now.

When the theme is in place, you can click Enable theme to make your new theme the current theme. When you have your design from another location then you can download it in .zip file form. In order to create a new topic, go to Look > Topics > Create > New > Create.

To find your design, click Browse, and then click Upload. When the design is submitted, you can then click Enable Design to make your new design the current design. Happy birthday, you just put in a new design.

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