How to Install Purchased Theme on Wordpress

Installing the purchased design on Wordpress

Install a purchased design? Hello - we have a bought WP topic. Need to install on my account/blog. I might need a rebate on my blogs out here. We cannot install single plug-ins or third-party topics into COM-bllogs.

the ORG, which run on different programs. Browse to Appearance at ? Topics from your desktop and click the Premium button.

You will see a trusted raster with all available topics. To see a quick look at what each topic on your site will look like, click on the Buy and Activate button (where you will also see the prices for each topic). When you click Buy & Activate, an upgrading page will appear where you can buy the design.

I already have the design and don't want to buy another one. You should check the name of the web address beginning with http:// for that particular weblog. Who' d you buy the theme from? When a premium theme does not work, we provide a full reimbursement up to 30 working days after your order.

Hi Hefritz, I see that you have bought headlines within the 30-day deadline. If you would like us to return your order and cancel your subscription, please check back and we will do so. I' ve cancelled your topic and reimbursed you as desired. This is a top priority topic and we have no idea how to make it work for anyone who answers a question in this forums.

At the time you purchased your Premier Theme, your direct access to our forums was from Theme designer. There' a hyperlink to the respective Premier Theme forums under the menu item Appleance -> Themes in the dashboard of your blogs. Installation of a purchased theme' is locked for new answers.

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