How to Install Purchased Wordpress Theme

Installing purchased Wordpress theme

Select the downloaded "zip" file from your PC and click on "Install now". You do not have to pay an amount after the purchase of the individual theme. Where can I get and get my purchased item?

Once your order is complete with your selected schedule, you can directly access and retrieve your products from the PayPal page. We will send a sales order to the e-mail you provided when placing your order. Contains a downlaod of your products, your registration code and, if required, on-line information.

After downloading, you can simply install and enable your purchased WordPress theme. If you wish to do so, you can click on the links in the e-mail confirming your order that we have sent you. This is a secure, encoded page where you upload your purchased WordPress theme content, receive your registration key, modify the domain(s) associated with your key(s), upload your bill, update your schedule, and once you' re online, you can simply install and register your purchased WordPress theme.

What is the best way to install a WordPress theme by hand? What is the best way to install a WordPress plug-in manual? What can I do to update my schedule? This is how you enable your Branding? How do I find my registration code after purchase? What can I do to extend my registration code?

Have a look at our hostings:

Have a look at our hostings: As soon as this is completed, login to your panel and click on the Software Taculous application performer and install Wordpress. As soon as this is completed, you can login to your Microsoft Office News archive >under Topics > click Topics > Submit Topics and submit the compressed version.

Then Wordpress does the work for you and all you have to do is activate the theme.

A. Q. Account and purchase related to F.A.Q.

Once you have purchased our theme, you will receive a page downloading hyperlink and also from the email. There are two ways to install our design. - Open your own FTP and go to your WordPress theme folder and load the theme's extract files.

Afterwards, enable it via your desktop. - The second and immediate way is to simply open your own Dashboard and go to "Appearance -> Themes -> Create New -> Submit Theme". A design will be installed in your Dashboard. Now you can see your design on your domainname. You will find the "Pages" tabs on the leftside of your dashboard.

What do I do to contribute? It's exactly the same as creating a page. This theme only works with self-hosted WordPress, which is available at "". You can use our design after the installation of WordPress. Is it possible to switch the theme of your website? Our theme pack gives you ".po", with which you can simply switch the currency into your one.

Where can I get help with your topic? In order to provide our customers with assistance, we have set up our user forums. Here you can submit your complete topic-related request. Could I design your place differently? Yes, you can always edit our topic. We give you a theme with contents of dummies and pictures, which you can edit according to your wishes.

Will your topic work with the latest WordPress release? Yes, our topic works with the latest WordPress release. Yes, we have designed our theme to fit almost any plug-in available on the shelves. If you have any problems, you can get in touch with our technical forums.

It will help you in any way possible to make the plug-in compliant with the theme. F.A.Q. related accounts and purchases. Once you make the buy topic downloading links, you will also be redirected to this page where you will receive an email to do so. From there you can simply dowload a topic.

Is your theme working on a multi-site? Yes, all our topics work on multi-site. Are there any fees per month if I buy your individual theme? It'?s a one-time fee. You do not have to make any payments after buying the individual theme.

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