How to Install Theme

Installing the theme

Installing a theme in Moodle 3 One theme is a graphic interface that governs the look and feel of your Moodle page or course. One Moodle install contains three default theme and many more are available in the Moodle Plugins Directory. To install a new theme in Moodle, follow the same procedure as to install a plug-in.

More information about how to install Moodle plug-ins can be found in the How to install and remove a plug-ins in Moodle 3 section. First, go to the Moodle Plugins Directory in your web browsers. Choose Theme as your plug-in type and then your Moodle type. To open the Downloads page, click the name of the topic you want to install.

Click Get on the theme downloading page and store the zip on your computer. Open the moodle/theme directory in the Files Manager and click Upload. Find the zipped zip archive you just retrieved from the Plugins Directory and place it in your web browsing application, or click Select Archive and search for it.

Once the upgrade is completed, go back to the Files Manager. Click the topic that you want to extract, and then click Extract. On the Extract dialog, click Extract Disk. Once the extract is completed, you will see a new directory with the same name as the design. Each Moodle page can have any design that you have already set up, and you can pick and choose designs depending on which devices are used to display the page.

You can use one design for desktops and another for portable equipment, for example. In order to modify your design, login as an administrator to Moodle and go to Site administrator > Site administrator > Appearance and Themes. In the Topic cache menu, click Clear topic clusters, and then click Choose topic for each topic and item you want to modify.

You will see each design you can use for the unit and an example of what the design will look like. Next to the topic you want to use, click Use topic. Refresh your Moodle page in your web navigator to see the new design. More information about Moodle topics can be found under topics on the Moodle documention Web site.

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