How to Install Theme in Wordpress on Localhost

Installing the theme in Wordpress on Localhost

Twelve easy installation procedures to install WordPress on your computer First thing I learnt in WordPress was the localhost installer, unfamiliar with the other functions it has. So, after the various researches, today I am here to present some useful and basic step how to install WordPress on Localhost so that it could be easier to install. There is no question that there are a lot of free WordPress topics, some of them free of charge, others free of charge, but the keys are to get familiar with WordPress first. When I walked through it, learning more interesting things, I realised that WordPress is not only a CMS, but also a great blogsite.

Useful other WordPress resources: Just how it opens the on-line worlds so you can discover yourself. For beginners who want to get started with WordPress and need an on-line presence. At the end I sincerely expect you to install WordPress on your system and run an astonishing CMS to improve your WordPress blog or website.

WorldPress is a free and open channel blogsystem - a CMS (Content Managment System) using PHP and MySQL. In order to use WordPress, you must have a WAMP or XP WAMP on your computer for its working area. You cannot install WordPress without a dedicated web site. Your installation should meet the PHP and MySQL standards.

The installation of WordPress is quite straightforward and uncomplicated, so I recommend you to be patience. I used WAMP and MySQL (PHP and MySQL supported) to install WordPress in this article. To install WordPress, you can use any webhost of your choosing. Like I said before, WordPress needs a webmaster ( which could be anybody, e.g. I used WAMP to install WordPress) to work on it, so you first need to install a program named WAMP (with preconfigured localhost server) on your computer.

Just open one of your browser and load the WAMP application onto your system. It will be a simple way to install WordPress. Please keep in mind that no other WAMP application should be in WAMP session, otherwise the WAMP application will not be install. Once you have downloaded the WAMP client, just double-click on the WAMP client to run it and install it in one of your folders (by default it will be install on your C hard drive).

Keep in mind that every times you turn on your computer, you must first enable the Web AMP player by just double-clicking the symbol. Visit and just get the latest WordPress file by going to Navigate to the location where you install the Web publishing software and follow the instructions below. Location (Local hard drive C, defaults to WMP, is located in this location) --> WMP --> WWW --> WWW--> Copy the WordPress WWW file here and right click on it and choose "unzip here".

Make a copy of the directory and change its name, e.g. here it will be changed to "wordpress1". If you create and re-name more than one copy of WordPress, you'll safe yourself a lot of effort by redownloading WordPress (in case you need the downloaded document again).... In your web browsers pane, in your localhost/phpmyadmin/ location toolbar, Type and hold down the Return key.

Choose the data base and build a data base for your WordPress, e.g. for "Table", as shown in the following picture. Just click Build and your data base is up and running. Enter "localhost" in your webrowser. Choose your copy from there ( the one you changed the name of for your WordPress site).

On the same page, click on the pushbutton "Create a Configuration file". You should use the same name for the WordPress application as your name. You should leave the keyword empty if you didn't mention it when you started your search, otherwise enter the same if you already have.

Fill in the general information and click on "Install WordPress". Then fill in the appropriate boxes on the next page and click on the "Install WordPress" link. Bingo! You have successfully WordPress on your computer to install. The installation of WordPress is much simpler than any other work.

In this article it was only about the installation of WordPress on Localhost (WAMP server), but you can click on the below buttons and get a full Tutorial tour to get to understand how to install the WAMP. Mount the WordPress on it. Hopefully it was as simple as the installation of WordPress on my local computer.

When you' re ready, you can get this free ColorWay theme and build your website on WordPress for free.

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