How to Install Themeforest Theme into Wordpress

Get Themeforest Theme Installed in Wordpress

After installation and activation, you should see an Envato Toolkit menu entry in your dashboard. Environment WordPress Toolkit Guide for Automated Topic Updates NOTE: The Envato Toolkit has been superseded by the Envato Market plug-in. Read our new Envato Market Auto-Updates manual for installation and configuration instructions of the new plug-in. Thousands of thousands of people use WordPress topics, and many end up buying WordPress topics from Themeforest.

A great thing about Themeforest is the envelope WordPress toolkit plug-in for automated WordPress theme updating. This plug-in was developed by Envato to enable Themeforest writers to quickly and efficiently update their designs to keep them error-free and compliant with the latest WordPress release. Here's a short tutorial to show you how to install and set up the Intuitive WordPress Toolkit plug-in (we've also included an Intuitive WordPress Toolkit Video guide if you'd rather see than read).

You should obtain your Envato APII encryption code before installing the plug-in, as it may take several moments to several hours for it to be known. Everything you need to do is log in to Themeforest and go to your account page. Envato creates a 32-digit arbitrary access control code that you can use.

If necessary, you can generate several keys (some choose to do so when they install each theme buy on a different domain). You now have your own programming interface (API) keys and you need to install the plug-in. Please go to the Envato WordPress Toolkit Glithub page to get the plug-in tip files.

Install the Environment WordPress Tools Kit like any other plug-in. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard and browse to the section plug-ins. Look for the plug-in that you have from Github download (it should be called "envato-wordpress-toolkit-master. zip" or similar). Now click Install Now and then enable the plug-in. After installation and activation, you should see an entry in the Environment Tools folder in your desktop screen.

Setup of the plug-in is very simple because you already have your Envato APII encryption keys. Just click on the Envato Tools Kit button in your desktop and type in your Envato user name and your Envato-API key. After saving, the utility should detect your own Apache code and show all your Themefort purchase.

Failure of the plug-in to detect your own IP address may result in your IP address being too new. Attempt to clear your memory or refresh your web browsers, and if that doesn't work, just sit tight by browsing our WordPress blog for an entire month and try again in an hour. Try again. Once your shopping cart is shown, you can install and upgrade your Themeforest topics directly from the desktop.

Remember that if you have modified your style sheet or other kernel file without using a subordinate design, you will loose your changes. Don't be concerned about the style choices you make in the WordPress Theme Customizer or Theme Option Panel - these choices won't be affected by your design update.

Because you' re always following best practice and have used a sub theme for any changes to the theme design coding, click OK to refresh your theme. The next thing you see is an refresh page that you used earlier. When you return to the Envato Toolkit tabs after the upgrade is finished, you will see that your design is now up to date.

Simply have a look at the Envato WordPress Toolkit Glithub page from now on to see if there is a plug-in upgrade available. Currently it does not have an automatic Updater, so you will not see an updated message in your WordPress dashboard. It is always a good suggestion to completely upgrade your designs as the writers often fix errors, upgrade to the latest WordPress release and add new functionality.

I hope this short tutorial will help make it even simpler to update your Themeforest topics!

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