How to Install Themeforest Theme on Godaddy

Get Themeforest Theme Installed on Godaddy

You'd install it like any other theme. Select the Install Topics tab and you can search for topics you want to install. The GoDaddy Installations of a Thematic Forest Acquisition I am brandnew at WordPress and set up my very first website. However, I don't have a serious guide on what to do after I buy a theme and download it. GoDaddy is used for webcasting.

Using their so-called Cpanel] I have WordPress on the website and get the go-ahead that the install is over.

I' m on a Mac and unpacked the themeforest file, but I'm not sure if I can simply unzip the file into the unpacked one. You' d install it like any other theme. Elevate the theme directory to the directory "wp-content > themes". As soon as you have MS Wordpress on your latest host, go to the application you have already set up and you must obey the prompts to finish the MS wordpress set-up procedure.

You have to load the motif into the appropriate file (just like on the above poster). Thank you for your answer, but as a novice I've never worked with WordPress before - or - up-loaded, deployed and worked with a theme, so I didn't know where a theme started.

A help directory existed that included an HTML document, and when I clicked on it to view it, it was given to me: There' a licence. text files, but that contains juridical lingo and stuff. Do I have to unpack them before I can install them on GoDaddy? Sorry again for my lack of knowledge, but when I unpack the downloaded files I bought, that's all I've got.

There'?s no theme or anything like that: There are more than three files in the "ourhome" directory - in contrast to the other directories, which only have two. This is the whole directory that I should put into the "theme" directory on the site? As soon as you have WP up and running, please download the complete topic file.

It should have the same name as the theme name and not 'theme'. Once WP is up and running, go to the desktop computer screen and up-load the design. I' ve just purchased the X Ultimate.... when I tried to install it in Godaddy for hour on end and it just keeps failing.... Very disappointing!

Tried to install the zipped archive and then unzip it.... failed! Folders absent! I' ve been trying to install it via Appearance themes... fails!.... That says "stylesheet missing"? In all likelihood, you are trying to install the incorrect zipped archive. If you can verify the upload directory located in your upload directory - if it is not, you may have problems to import pictures, but I would think it is good.

I' m trying to install the Kubb artwork via Worldpress on my GoDaddy website. There is an bug that says: "upload failed, missing index. php" The zipped files do not contain an index. pdf-files!

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