How to Install Windows Themes

To install Windows themes

In order to apply your newly installed design, right-click on the desktop and press Personalize. You' ll now be greeted with a window where you can change your design, along with other options such as desktop background, window color, and screen saver. Theme Installer (Windows), free and secure download. Latest version of Windows Theme Installer: Easily install third-party Windows themes without complications.

To install custom themes and graphic styles in Windows

Since Windows XP Windows supports themes, also known as "visual styles". Windows defaults to loading only Microsoft-signed themes - but you can work around this restriction. They are not your Windows defaults. Change the look of windows headers, pushbuttons, and other visible items. Under Windows 7 you can still do this the old-fashioned way (see our next section for instructions), but under Windows 10 it's not that simple.

UxStyle, the utility we suggest for Windows 7, no longer works on recent Windows 10 releases. Although you can directly edit the usxtheme. dull directly, this modification will be undone each time Windows 10 is updated. And because this is so difficult to do, most custom themes are probably not really patched into the latest version of Windows 10.

To design your Windows 10 desktops, we suggest that you install the WindowBlinds from Stardock. It is still fully supported on Windows 10 and does not need to be hacked with system executables. WindowsBlinds also contains some sophisticated user-defined Windows themes. In order to select a topic, simply click on it in the WindowBlinds screen and then on "Apply your styles to the desktop".

Although you may need to shut down and reboot some application, Google Chrome included, before your modification becomes effective, your modification will take immediate effect. WindowsBlinds makes it easy to install user-defined themes. Use its own WindowsBlinds style for themes, and you can find more themes on You will find, for example, a Dark Mode topic that, unlike the built-in Dark Mode in Windows 10, also affects File Explorer and other utilities.

Prior to being loaded, Windows verifies that the designs are Microsoft-designed. When they are not, Windows does not charge them at all. In order to use them, you must change the Windows system file - especially uxtheme.dll - and turn off the scan. Historically, this involved rebooting into safe mode and manual replacement of system executables.

In order to use UxStyle, please load it down, unzip it, then run the xt64 setup program (if you are using a 64-bit Windows version) or the xt86 setup program (if you are using a 32-bit Windows version). Once the program has been installed, a new program called "UnsignedThemesSvc. exe" runs in the backgroud. Restart your computer and you can install non-signed designs.

You can find customized Windows visual style on a wide range of Web pages. DeviantArt is one of the best places to look for different types of imagery. Take a look at the DeviantArt Windows 7 Style page, for example, to find topics. Please be aware that these are generally unverified Zero Protocol (ZIP) or Rare Access (RAR) file types that may contain viruses or link to compromised webpages.

Also, be aware that certain Windows releases may need special topic file update - double-check the information on DeviantArt or other sites to ensure that the topic you are currently fetching is consistent with your build. Please make sure that the topic you are fetching is consistent with your site. Select a desired topic and upload it to your computer. In order to demonstrate the proces, we use the Maverick for Win7 topic, which tries to migrate the old standard Ubuntu topic to Windows 7.

A lot of topics are spread in . rare formats. The topics are in the following folder: Every topic has its own sub-directory. In order to install a new design, simply place its file in the Themes directory and accept the UAC command line. You should find the themes file in the home directory of the directory.

Please be aware that some topics may contain other asset items and that you must obey extra directions before they work as expected. Designs, for example, can contain user-defined scripts and symbols. As a rule, the topic downloading page - or the supplied RAADME filename - contains information about the completion of the installer. When you need to install typefaces, simply place the contained. ftf typeface into the following folder:

If you have a design installation, you can double-click the themes for it. You can also find it in the Windows system tray of your personalized desktops. Since Microsoft does not provide official third vendor topic endorsement, you are likely to encounter odd graphic errors or edges when using customized style visuals with third vendor apps.

As a rule, developers do not consider inofficial Windows topics when developing their own application.

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