How to Install Wordpress Offline

Installing Wordpress Offline

As soon as you're done and everything is up and running, it's time to test your local server. A step-by-step process of installing Wordpress offline with XAMPP. To install WordPress Offline on your computer with Windows XP using Windows XP and Windows XP, do the following

Each WordPress self-hosting visitor asks: "If there was a way to install WordPress offline and test and correct all topics offline according to your needs? Yes! of course there are literally hundred of ways to do this, but most of them are timeconsuming and not user-friendly and it needs the nerves of your WordPress offline audience to do it.

We' ve already explored two more ways to use WordPress offline, and if you miss it, you can go through both quickly: I thought about assisting you all with the Xampp install! Here's a fast 5-minute (8-step) way to install WordPress Offline. To run WordPress offline, you need an Apache database and My SQL database(PhpMyAdmin) on your system.

2 ) Install Xampp with the Apache and MySql service. 3 ) After installing, run the Xampp Control Panels and launch the Apache and MySql servers as shown in the figure below. 4 ) We need to configuring MySql databases, opening your web browsers and going to http:://localhost. Choose the preferred locale and then go to http://localhost/security/index.php & where you will be able to modify the MySql data base key.

5 ) Now we have to build MySql databases for your WordPress installation. Build a new data base using the PHP MyAdmin API. Enter a name for your data base and do not modify any other settings (see picture below). Once you have downloaded, go to the Xampp installation directory where you will find a directory called HiDocs, open it and retrieve the latest WordPress from it.

7) If you open the WordPress directory (which you extract in the above step), you will find a filename named wp-config-sample.php, open the file with notepad++ and edit the data as in the image. 8) Now go to http://localhost/wordpress and install WordPress!!!! Now, just go to wp-admin and begin to play with your offline WordPress Blog.

There are several things you can do with the WordPress blogs as you can try to make changes on your own before doing anything directly on the webpage. While most WordPress programmers have WordPress up and running on their laptops to make rapid changes, in the next step we will be learning how to move files from WordPress to a WordPress blogs.

In the meantime, if you have any problems with the installation of WordPress with XAMPP in the meantime, please let me know about them. In case you find mistakes during the installation or have questions, please write them as comment.

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