How to Install Wordpress on Mac

Installing Wordpress on your Mac

MAMP? ? What is MAMP? BARTHOLOMEW: What's mmp? For Macintosh, Apache, MySQL and PHP, using our own language is a must.

You can install and run it on your Mac using your own PHP and MySQL servers.

You must install it from the website before you can install it on your Mac. To run on your Mac, you must have Mac OS 10.6. 6 or higher installed. As soon as the downloading of your copy of your file is finished, just double-click on the disc icon (it should be something like MAMP_2.0.3. dmg) and you should open a file dialog.

Move the MAMP directory (not MAMPRO - we will store this pass for another time) to the Applications directory. After you have successfully run MAMP on your system, start the MAMP. app (located at /Applications/MAMP/MAMP/ You may be prompted by MAMP to enter an administrative key while you edit the setting. MAMP must run two processes: MySQL (mysqld) and Apache (httpd), and you may need to enter your passwords based on the preferences you have configured for these different sockets.

When MAMP is open, click the Preferences icon. "The standard MAMP are 8888 for Apache and 8889 for MySQL. When using this setup, you should not be asked for your passcode, but you must specify the portnumber in the localhost address (localhost:8888). Changing the Apache Port to 80 is recommended if you do not want to specify the portnumber in the address bar.

However, the disadvantage of using 80 as your MPAP Apache MAMP port is that you will always be asked for your passphrase. In order to launch Apache and MySQL server, just click on "Start Server" in the menu of your computer. Now your MailStore server is running. As soon as the server is running, the starting page of your standard web server should open.

Otherwise, click "Open Home" in the MAMP screen. Those with the standard MAMP installation should change the name of the directory and move it to the directory named HiDocs found in /Applications/MAMP. Then, in the web browser, go to localhost:port/folder_renamed to perform the installation.

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