How to Install Wordpress Theme Bluehost

Instructions on how to install Wordpress Theme Bluehost

However, first we go through the steps to install your WordPress theme. Load WordPress themes into your Bluehost domains Their WordPress blogs on Bluehost is delivered with the standard WordPress theme, but you can install any theme to customize your blogs. Uploading a WordPress theme to your Bluehost domains is the same as uploading it to another WordPress blog; you can use the WordPress Dashboard to browse and install topics.

Contrary to other kinds of topics, WordPress topics can modify the layouts of the items in your blogs, in additional to making changes to its theme. Go to the management page of your WordPress blogs by entering "" in your web browser toolbar, replace "" with the web browser of your Bluehost domains and press "Enter". Or you can browse your WordPress page, scrolling down and clicking the "Sign Up" button at the bottom right of the page.

Then click the Appearance button on the leftside of the dashboard and click the Add New Designs button below. Find a topic to install by entering a keyword in the field and press return. Alternatively, you can click the filters to choose a particular kind of topic.

Use the " Enable " button to enable your new design. It is also possible to click on the "Preview" button to get a pre-view. If you have uploaded a topic to your computer, click the Submit Topic button at the top of the New Topics page. Or you can use a filename commit log client to directly download designs to your Bluehost host-hosting account.

Unzip the design you download and place each design in a separate location in the "wp-content/themes" subdirectory. Place the example with the name theme in the subdirectory "wp-content/themes/example". You can use the dashboard to activate the design after upload. "WordPress theming to your domain on bluehost."

Instructions on how to install WordPress on Bluehost ("Watch Over My Shoulder" guide)

Once you have registered for Bluehost to host (see my step-by-step instructions here), the next stage is to build your website. One of the simplest ways to build a website is to use a website building tools like WordPress. How do I install WordPress on Bluehost? By far the most widely-used WordPress feature.

WorldPress is free, simple to use, simple to use and well backed. Let's get to know how to install WordPress on Bluehost! I will focus entirely on WordPress for this tutorial, but Weebly, Joomla and Drupal are also favorite alternates to WordPress. Fortunately, the installation procedure for one of them is quite similar, so this how to install WordPress on Bluehost guide should be useful no matter what kind of program you select.

Intermediate - What is the Mojo Marketplace? I' ll briefly tell you what the Mojo Marketplace is before we go any further, because it can be very bewildering for anyone new to website design. is a website that has consolidated some of the favourite website apps into one place so they can be simply clicked and deployed, such as WordPress.

At the Mojo Marketplace you will find apps that address issues such as: The majority of these are free, but not very simple to install (you need to load your own application, modify your settings, build a database, etc.). The Mojo Marketplace does it all for you. All of these apps can be quickly and simply installed and used on your website without having to touch any codes.

Now that you have an inkling of what the Mojo Marketplace is, let's move on. The last time we stopped, you had just on on the WordPress symbol cliced. You will be taken to the Mojo Marketplace, where you will click on the large "Install New Scripts" tab. When you click Install WordPress, you are taken to a dialog that prompts you to type the name of the .

Please type in youromainname. But before you click the "Check Domain" link, you may see a small square with a backslash[/] (this icon) next to it. You have to choose in which folder WordPress should be installed: When you are happy with everything, click on the "Check Domain" link.

Installing WordPress takes a few moments. As soon as the install is complete, you will be directed to a page where you will receive your WordPress credentials: These are important pieces of information, so make sure you keep them in a secure and readily available place.

When you don't see your WordPress-based website immediately, don't worry, it can take several minutes (up to about 12 hours) for your new website to appear. Stage five. That' it - you have successfully WordPress up and running! Now you have a flawless (vanilla) WordPress install on your Bluehost web host client using the following commands.

Now you can log into WordPress and start working on topics, upload plug-ins and add to your all-new WordPress website. And if you haven't done it yet, go to and register now.

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