How to Install Wordpress Theme from Zip File

To install Wordpress Theme from the zip file

A WordPress theme with cPanel will be installed. WordPress designs can be created with : Upload WordPress themes or FTP. Note: Some browsers (e.g. Safari) automatically extract zip files.

Would you like us to install and set up the theme?

To install WordPress Theme upload ZIP files

You can use this approach for all topics. When you have bought a premier theme or otherwise found a design that is not on, this is the simplest way for you to install WordPress theme on your website. In order to start, you should have a ZIP file with the theme from wherever you found the WordPress design.

In case you have trouble finding this ZIP file, I suggest that you consult the vendor of your topic, as each vendor has a different procedure. As soon as you have found the ZIP file, you will learn how to install it here. Go to your WordPress dashboard and move the mouse over the appearance. Click the Upload Theme icon at the top of the next screen:

When you click on the icon, a new userinterface window appears: First click on Choose file and choose the ZIP file from your computer. WordPress will have a small lag while uploading and installing your design, the amount of your wait will depend on your service, your topic type and your host organization, usually 30 seconds.

Then you can click the Activate icon to activate your new design: Hint: At some point you will be able to load file with some data on it, in this case just open this and extract/remove the themename. zip from it, don't try to load the onto your WordPress, just load the If you want to load the onto your WordPress, just open the and click on the "Download" icon.

Topic about Installing Topic Uploaders

Important: If you get a warning Error: missing style.css style sheet, you need to open the theme packet you just uploaded and install the file inside the packet. Would you like us to install and set up the theme? Select the file [themename].zip from your theme packs.

Installing a theme in WordPress

The installation of a new theme is an simple and imaginative way to make changes to the theme or "skin" of your website. Topics are changing the way your website is viewed, but not the way your website originally programmed to work. For more information about how to install a theme, see

Important: Topics that are directly downloadable from the web are usually available in a zipped file. Either unpack the file on your computer before submitting it, or unpack the file after submitting it. Save your theme file(s) to the /wp-content/themes/ directory. Login to your WordPress Dashboard and enable the plug-in.

The end results should be that the theme subdirectory now has a new location with a "style.css" file and an "index.php" file. Certain designs may also contain various picture or script file types that are necessary for the design's capabilities. Topics bought in our shop can also be delivered with a PDF or a note about other topic developers' work.

Those are probably not necessary and can be removed on request (we suggest you consult the topic creator before you remove undesirable files). Would you like to know more about WordPress? Wordprocessorial videos: At any time, you can visit and search the WordPress or Help fora. For any problems with installing a WordPress theme, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for help.

When you have a question about the topic's own features, we strongly suggest you get in touch with the topic's creator, who can best help you. Contacts for the developers are provided on the topic page at Before you install and activate a theme, we strongly suggest that you consider backing up your WordPress Web site and research the theme to determine if there are any incompatibilities with your plug-ins or the WordPress release.

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