How to Install Wordpress Theme Ftp

Instructions how to install Wordpress theme Ftp

FTP is a great tool for manually changing a WordPress theme. Don't forget to unzip the topic folders before uploading a topic via FTP. Instructions on how to install WordPress Theme manual with FTP

Here I have extensively described how to install the WordPress theme via FTP manual. The WordPress theme can also be installed with WordPress built-in features, as described in the following step. With FTP we can also quickly install a number of topics, so this is more useful if you want to install more than one topic, or if the above WordPress built-in features do not work for you, or if you can simply use the WordPress built-in features to install WordPress topic as described in the above tutorial.

In order to install WordPress Theme on your website by hand, you will need FTP support to gain full FTP connection to your website, or the WordPress DateManager provided in your host's system controls, such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, etc. Let's see in detail how we can install WordPress Theme manual with FTP and FileMaker install. So if you have a WordPress theme in archived form, then please unzip it on your local system as described on this page, but make sure that the folder tree is preserved when you unzip the documents from the archived one.

While there are several free and pay FTP client that you can use to connect to your website, the one I suggest is FileZilla, a free piece of multiplatform FTP client that works on different platforms.

Now you are prepared to download and install the WordPress theme on your website after you have downloaded and configured the FileZilla file sharing application with your FTP data. Simply use the FTP-Software FileZilla to load this topic folder into your WordPress-Site topic folder wp-content/themes, as shown in the following screenshots. Once the theme has been uploaded, it will be uploaded to your website and is available to be enabled as described below.

In order to install WordPress Theme using the Files Viewer by hand, you must have full knowledge of the cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, etc. Please consult your website hosting service if you do not have it. Right here in this Tutorial I will tell you how to install WordPress theme manual with cPanel Files Manger, but the whole thing is almost the same for other controll panels Files Manger.

Therefore, first sign in to the cPanel by typing in the cPanel credentials on the sign in page, as shown below. Once you have logged in to cPanel, simply click the File Managers symbol to open the Files Viewer, as shown in the following screenshots. Call the topic folder wp-content/themes in the Files menu and load your WordPress topic folder as shown in the following screenshots.

Now your design is loaded and on your WordPress page and can be activated as described below. Once you have up-loaded your theme folder to your site servers in the theme folder wp-content/themes, the theme will be copied to your WordPress site and shown in the WordPress theme page in the administration area, but if it is not shown there, please make sure that the theme folder you have up-loaded is in the right sharpness and that it has the right access rights, as described on this page for WordPress.

Now you can enable the WordPress theme from the theme chooser, as described in the "Enabling any WordPress theme installed" section of this How to Install WordPress Theme tutorial. Also, you can enable the design without access to your site administration area, but you must modify your WordPress site history for this.

Hopefully you will find this free of charge tutorial useful, but if you have manual installation issues with the WordPress theme or any other WordPress issue, please post it to our free WordPress Resources forums where I'd like to respond.

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