How to Install Wordpress Theme on Cpanel

Instructions on how to install Wordpress theme on Cpanel

How to install a downloaded WordPress theme using the WordPress installer: Use cPanel to open the File Manager or connect to your server using an FTP client. Uploading a WordPress theme with cPanel In order to have a WordPress theme implemented on your website, you must first submit it to WordPress. Most known and most known is the use of Dashboard. A WordPress theme tip files can be added to the dashboard via Appearance > Themes > Import Theme. The theme is simply submitted and can be enabled with just one click.

Perhaps this is the simplest way to load a WordPress theme. Some of these mistakes involve exceeding the filesize and asking for FTP detail and what not. Turns out to be a headache if the WordPress client does not work well with WordPress.

Today we will be discussing an alternative way to install a WordPress theme with cPanel. Which is cPanel? What is the best way to up-load a WordPress theme into cPanel? Go to the cPanel Logon page. Browse to File Manager > public_html > wp-content > themes folder. Here the theme data are saved.

See all topics previously posted on your website. Please load the zipped files into the topic area. In the navigation pane, click the icon "Upload", search for the files and save them to the folder. You can now see the topic's zipped archive in the topic folder.

Choose the zipped files, click on the "Extract" icon in the navigator toolbar, go through the settings and unzip the zipped files. Enable the theme in the dashboard. At cPanel our work is done. Get back to the Dashboard. Browse to Appearance > Topics. After uploading the design you can see it there.

This topic has not yet been enabled. Simply enable the theme. Now our topic is online on the website. Undoubtedly, there are many benefits to this approach, some of which involve velocity, dependability and flexibility. Totally no limit to the zipped filesize. Simply open the topics folder and choose all the topics you want to delete.

In the cPanel navigational pane, click the Delete button. You should now delete all topics forever. cPanel is certainly a great way to browse through your preferencesettings.

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