How to Install Wordpress Theme on Godaddy

This is how to install Wordpress theme on Godaddy

Upload new designs to GoDaddy GoDaddy's graphical environment offers a number of different themed sites, such as WordPress and Drupal. Therefore, it can be hard to figure out where you can add a design to your manual file submission. If possible, you should install a theme through the GUI in the CMS of your website and not through GoDaddy.

Lastly, you can use GoDaddy's File Manager to use GoDaddy to add your own user-defined designs to your file system in order to load and unpack them. Sign in to your GoDaddy Money Playbox, move your cursor over the "Hello,[your first name]" area, and then click the "View My Account" button. To extend the listing of your GoDaddy hosted email addresses, click the + button next to Web Hosted.

Press the "Launch" pushbutton to the right of the domainname you want to uplink. Click the Submit file icon on the page that opens to open a new dialog box or a new Management page. Search and click in the area on the far-left on the topics directory of your website.

WordPress, for example, refers to this directory as "wp-content\themes", while Drupal saves topics in the "sites\all\themes" directory. To open the Explorer screen, click "Add a file", choose the zipped version of your theme, and then click the "OK" icon. At the bottom of the screen on the lower right, a status indicator will appear to indicate the status of the download.

To open the Unzip dialogue in which the corresponding directory should already be chosen, click on the downloaded document in the top pane. To unpack, click OK. Login to the management panel of your website and then enable the new design. So if your design is already unzipped, you should download and use the Google Chrome web browsers.

Chrome lets you use GoDaddy Files Manager to load entire files at once. GoDaddy restricts single files to 250 megabytes ( MB) at the moment of release. When your design is large, you cannot use the GoDaddy Image Manager to up-load it. "New Topics for GoDaddy Upload."

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