How to Install Wordpress Theme on Server

Installing Wordpress Theme on the Server

Install WordPress Theme on your server. The WordPress themes require installation, activation, and updating. There are two ways to install, activate, or update a WordPress theme: On your localhost you have to go to your WordPress main folder. If you are in the root directory of WordPress, go to /wp-content/themes.

Installing Wordpress Theme

In order to install the download pattern (.zip) via the WordPress admin interface, please perform these steps: Register with the WordPress adminstration panel... 2. Click the Look and Feel window, and then click Designs. Click "Upload". Use the " Pick a Firefox Installer" option to install the firefox installer from your computer and click the " Install Now" option. To set the theme that you have already set as the defaults, click Enable.

Hint: Before you install a new design, please make sure that a design with the same name is not already in use. So if there is already another design with the same name, name or remove it before you install the new design. A lot of server use the standard 2 megabytes ( MB) limitation for the filesize limits.

When this is the case with your server, some templates are seen as too large and cannot be loaded using the "Upload&Install" buttons. In order to install the pattern via FTP, you should use your preferred FTP client to download the pattern and install it on your server. Make sure to copy+paste the topic file into the directory: this is the place of your WordPress install on the server.

Once you are sure that your Themes folder has been successfully placed in the Themes directory, login to your WordPress backend, go to Appearance menu >> Themes, select the theme, and click Enable to enable it. It is recommended that you ask your host administration to give permission to view the specified directories and file types.


The theme file and associated plug-ins can be downloaded to install on an already installed website, or you can choose RocketLauncher. RocketLauncher is an attractive tool because it contains everything you need to get to the point with your website. WordPress comes bundled with it, a fast and simple way to set up databases, associated plug-ins, and lots of pre-built contents to help you get off to a great start with your website.

Gate-based topics need the GT-Framework to be run on your website. It is available from the same page as the design and should be downloaded, install and activate before you install the design. Here you will find detailled information how to install the Gantry-Framework. The installation of the theme via the theme file and associated plug-ins is the most frequent way to get it to your website if you have already created contents and Widgets that you want to keep.

Any of the below mentioned downloads can be downloaded by going to the topic's main Downloads page. In order to install the theme powered by Gantry, you need two files: Topic (rt_themename_wp. zip) - This zip is the stand-alone theme pack that you can use to install your theme in WordPress. Gantry Plugin (gantry_wordpress_framework. zip) - This contains the Gantry Framework plugin and is needed for our topics to work.

The Gantry plug-in must first be deployed and enabled (does not affect RocketLauncher). We have other downloadable documents that you may want to include that are included with the publication but are not necessary for the design to work. PNG (s) source(s) (rt_themename_wp-sources. zip) - Contains all Adobe Fireworks PNG resources for the theme and, if appropriate, the logon name.

R ocketLauncher (rt_themename_wp-rocketlauncher. zip) - The R ocketLauncher package is a complete WordPress installation that contains all demonstration contents, plug-ins and design. Topic Plugs (rt_themename_wp-plugins. zip) - This zip contains all suggested plugs to run the theme as shown in the demonstration. Usually this contains the Gantry plug-in, RokCommon and all other necessary plug-ins as well as the suggested extensions.

Sign in to the WordPress administration dashboard ( Go to Apple ance Install theme at ? Upgrade in the menubar on the far right. Find the zip archive named the topic on your computer. Select Install Now. Now the design will be installs. Under the topic you want, click Activate. Load the subfolder name_wp into the subdirectory /wp-content/themes.

Login to the WordPress administrator Dashboard ( Go to Appearance Themes in the menubar on the far right. At the bottom of the topic's titled section, click Activate. Besides the topic and the demos, RocketLauncher also contains a FULL WordPress install. RocketLauncher only works as a new WordPress setup because the WordPress installer is necessary to create the demonstrationontent.

You cannot use it on an already installed WordPress application. Please dowload the RocketLauncher pack rt_themename_wp_rocketlauncher. zip from the topic area. Point your web browser to the install folder. Continue with the default WordPress install, then the theme and pantry frameworks will be enabled by default, along with the associated example contents.

You can find detailled information about the setup of RocketLauncher in our RocketLauncher document.

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